Archive of month: May 2009

A few weeks ago, I read a really positive review of Steve-O: Demise & Rise on Entertainment Weekly’s website. It happened to be on MTV2 last night, so I sat down and watched it. The documentary focuses on the popular member of the Jackass crew as he plummets into a seemingly unending downward spiral of […]
So this week was all about people. I spent the weekend in southern California with family. My cousins were awesome. Every night they’d say, “Let’s go to the gym.” It’s always nice to workout with someone else. I made it to the gym five times (had two full day drives) this week! I was also […]
So the scene ended with my Hammer-Pants-wearing-semi-roller-skating crew running into the plate spinning crew at the middle school talent show, causing the class-assigned “wife” of one of the plate spinners to drop their electronic baby from home economics. Yep, just a Tuesday night practice at Comedy Sportz. I’m back in San Jose, California for a […]
I have two distinct memories of my dad crying during my childhood. He had to cry more than that, but these two are anchored into my brain. The first time occurred when I was in kindergarten. I was called home early from school. My dad was already home from work, sitting on our couch crying. […]
I’m a big fan of music variety when I drive. Today, I’ll probably listen to two podcasts and an assortment of mix CDs. My latest mix is a collection of some of my favorite songs from musicals (probably influenced by my absolute love of the new show GLEE). As I went through iTunes and selected […]
A few years ago, I worked at a leadership conference in Santa Barbara. I was standing at the on the beach with a few people, and someone asked me what direction I was facing. Having grown up in California, I felt pretty confident that if I was on a beach, and I was directly facing […]
I call my youngest sister “Munchkin.” It’s a nickname that developed after college when I moved back into my parent’s house. I came back to California for my teaching credential, and I didn’t really want to take out any loans, so I returned to the nest. While living with my parents didn’t exactly expand my […]
“You can use this color.” She handed me the black crayon, and I proceeded to color the zebra. I was about halfway through a cool volunteer experience with Generation United at a nearby learning center for kids under six. I had already spent some time chatting with two boys on the swings, singing the alphabet […]
My favorite excuses: I’ll get to it later today. I just need some food in me. I really need a nap first. The day is just too busy. I’ll make up for it tomorrow. The gym is about to close. I fell to a few of these this week. Out of the seven days, I […]
President Obama is delivering the commencement address at my alma mater tonight. As a lifetime member of the Alumni Association, I could have had four free tickets, but I’m flying out just hours before the event in order to get to my Thursday morning presentation location. As excited as I am to speak at the […]
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