Archive of month: September 2009

Late last night I posted a link on my facebook fanpage to a new opportunity the Disney theme parks will provide in 2010. I first saw it as a status post from my childhood next door neighbor. Basically, if register with Disney and volunteer with a participating organization, Disney theme park will provide you a […]
As I mentioned in my last post, “Halo (part 1),” I celebrated “Guys Night” with a group of my friends back in San Jose last week. The newest version of Halo had come out, and my friends wanted to celebrate. I pretty awful at videogames these days, but I like that group of guys, so […]
I spoke in Salinas on Thursday and Friday of last week, allowing me to fly into San Jose on Wednesday night. When I lived in northern California, I used to have a group of guys I’d get together with on Wednesday nights for “guys nights.” It worked well as it didn’t conflict with any of […]
I had a wonderful conversation with the woman sitting next to me on my flight back to Phoenix last night. She and her husband were just beginning a two week vacation out to Arizona, wanting to see the gorgeous desert landscapes, the red rocks of Sedona, and the enormity that is the Grand Canyon–one of […]
Today, it struck me how no one stood up–or not immediately at least. We were free to move about the cabin. We could stand up. We could stretch our legs. We could walk. No one moved. Sadly, I’m beginning to see this more and more in organizations. Leaders have a chance to lead. They can […]
I’ve been on the road for most of the past two months, coming home for only a day or two here and there. For the past few weeks, it’s been less than forty hours at a time, often times with a lunch meeting in town, limiting my need to buy groceries. This weekend, however, I’ll […]
After hearing some positive recommendations from friends, I started catching up on the show How I Met Your Mother during my travels. Just the other day, I watched an episode from season 3 entitled No Tomorrow in which the main character, Ted, meets his friend Barney at a bar on St. Patrick’s Day and vows […]
I can’t stand country music. I’m not much of a Taylor Swift fan, but I was so disgusted by Kanye’s actions that I deleted him from my iTunes. I know this won’t affect him much, but I don’t think I want to listen to him anymore. His music right now (even the songs that I […]
I listened to episode 75 of This American Life on my flight home to Phoenix last night. Entitled The Kindness of Strangers, the episode took a look at several stories in New York City, a place not exactly known for its hospitality. I found the episode to be incredibly appropriate based on my interactions and […]
I didn’t run the 2009 Disneyland 1/2 Marathon. It’s true. After making it my goal back in late April, I didn’t cross the starting line at 6am. It’s one of the first times I’ve not accomplished a goal–especially one I shared so publicly, but there is a reason. I wouldn’t have actually reached my goal. […]
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