Archive of month: October 2009

I’ve been really busy over the past few days, preparing for a few events I’m coordinating for my Alumni Chapter at Arizona State University. Last night we had the first of two receptions–the second taking place in just a few hours. I’m definitely tired right not, but in a really good way. In high school […]
So I’m typing this blog on Tuesday in the minutes before my flight back to the US. Yesterday, I flew into Toronto from Chicago, Illinois. It’s my first visit to Toronto, and the city is AMAZING. I’m honestly a little bit bummed to leave so soon. I’ll definitely find a way to come back here […]
I spent this past weekend at the Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within event just outside Chicago. The four day event focused on transforming oneself into a more fully realized person. I know that most people have a negative association with Tony, built up after years of seeing him on late-night informercials. I’ll admit I […]
I spent the past few days in the Pacific Northwest, presenting some half-day leadership programs for Link Crew. I love speaking at these events, and I love it even more being up in Oregon and Washington at this time as year. As much as I like aspects of Phoenix, I miss autumn. We just don’t […]
My house in Arizona is on the far west side of Phoenix, almost Glendale. The surrounding sports facilities really contributed to my purchase. It’s less than four miles from my front door to the entrance of the University of Phoenix Stadium, the home field of the Arizona Cardinals, the location of the Fiesta Bowl, and […]
So baseball playoffs are going on right now. It’s been quite some time since that really made me excited; the strike affected a lot of my feelings as a fan and my childhood love of the game. I still attend games from time to time, but I no longer follow the sport on a day […]
By now many of you have probably seen the really cool “stairs or escalator” video that is circulating its way around the social media sites. I’ve posted it below if you haven’t seen it or if you like to see it again. I love the concept of this video. Take a boring, everyday task, and […]
So I was thoroughly enjoying my Friday after speaking at Livonia High School and working with some really cool student leaders. I arrived at the Rochester airport and discovered that United upgraded me to First Class for both legs of my trip home. I rarely fly first class, maybe 2-3 times a year max, so […]
Our joke reference continues to be Logan’s Run. It’s a dated film at this point, so many of my peers don’t even get the joke, but those that do, laugh. The film basically talks about a society where the members are killed after reaching a certain age, keeping the society young. We joke about this […]
I’m sitting in a Paradise Bakery Cafe in Tempe, Arizona right now, eating some lunch before afternoon meetings. I’m a big fan of Paradise, mainly for the fresh fruit and salads available. With my travel schedule, it’s often difficult to stock up my house with fresh produce. I know I’m boarding a flight tomorrow morning, […]
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