Archive of month: November 2009

I just enjoyed a really lazy Thanksgiving weekend. I napped, caught up on some shows on my DVR, read a book, napped, started reading another book, called up some friends, napped, watched an ASU football game, watched some NFL, and napped. You can see a theme : ) I purposefully limited my productivity. My fall […]
When I was in sixth grade, I performed in the musical FAME at my school. Recently a friend posted clips on youtube of the performance, destroying any remaining hope of claiming we put on a good show. I had a blast at the time and really enjoyed performing, but I must give incredible thanks to […]
Please forgive me for two back to back posts on a similar topic. I was so fascinated by the previous DID YOU KNOW video that I ended up reading a bunch of articles about it. Turns out the whole thing began with a math teacher in Colorado. The most recent video video debuted just a […]
As I boarded my flight over to Orange County the other day, I stumbled upon this popular internet video. It’s sobering how its statistics illustrate our changing world. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch it. There is no doubt that our world is changing. Our place in it is forever shifting. Which […]
I’m sitting on my Southwest Flight to Austin, Texas. Tonight I speak to a whole bunch of student leaders at the Texas Association of Student Councils Middle Level Conference. I’m excited; it should be a fun group. This is my fifth day in a row of being on an airplane, yet this is the only […]
I flew on Air Canada to Toronto on Monday. It’s my second time on that particular airline and I’m way impressed. In addition to being incredibly clean and spacious (I was seated at the far back of the plane), every seat also included on-demand video of a variety of films, television shows, and even music. […]
I’m sitting in Sky Harbor Airport awaiting my flight to Toronto. A few minutes ago I said goodbye to my cousins and their super cute two-year-old daughter as they boarded their own flight back home. It was a fun weekend out here in Phoenix. I picked them up from the airport on Saturday morning, we […]
So I’m a Project Runway fan. My addiction began a few years ago when I was visiting my cousins over Fourth of July, and we beat the heat for a bit, watching some episodes during a marathon on Bravo. The latest season on Lifetime has been okay. I’ll agree with most reviewers and say the judging has been […]
After a few great days of presenting at Bret Harte High School, I ended up back in my rental car with a long drive to the airport yesterday. I listened to the latest podcast of This American Life, and then decided to go deeper into my iPhone and played music from The Who’s Tommy. I […]
A good friend of mine shipped off to Afghanistan today. He’ll be there for the next six months serving as an Air Force pilot on a variety of important missions. He’s one of the three pilots I interviewed for my upcoming chapter in that leadership book I’ve alluded to in my emails. I’m always impressed […]