Archive of month: December 2009

While taking some time off to enjoy the holidays, I stumbled upon an online article describing a very public and very embarrassing software flaw in the latest HP Computers. The problem came to light in a recent YouTube video. Shortly after the video became a YouTube hit, HP released a statement: “…We believe that the […]
I fly regularly. There has never been any doubt about that. This week has been the first week in quite some time where I haven’t sat down on an airplane. The time at home has been nice. I ended up counting it up and realized I went on 69 flights this year. Lucky for me, […]
I turned on the TV the other day to catch the last half of the film Juno. I really enjoyed Diablo Cody’s unique take on teenage pregnancy and love the first time I saw it. I did my dishes as the movie played in the background and finished loading my dishwasher just in time to […]
Last night I went to a performance of DL Hughley and the Improv Comedy Club in Tempe, Arizona. I really enjoy watching stand-up comedians perform live. As I’ve mentioned in my public speaking workshop, stand-ups can be some of the best examples of crafting a phenomenal speech. I still think Bill Cosby Himself is one […]
Last night I watched The Blind Side. I found the film to a nice contrast to many movies out there today. Incredibly hopeful, and still somewhat unexpected. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend watching it. But you can see from the title of this blog entry, it isn’t about The Blind Side. It’s […]