Archive of month: March 2010

I had a long layover at the Denver airport and spent most of that time watching the Duke/Baylor game. It was an incredibly exciting game, the score close throughout most of it. It wasn’t until the last few moments where Duke really pulled ahead. The commentators continued to mention it… “Second Chance Points” Duke missed […]
I flew through SFO on my way to Seattle on Wednesday. Just before I stepped on the plane, I made one final quick stop in the bathroom to wash my hands again (I tend to do that a lot when I travel to help reduce the chance that I get sick). When it came time […]
I’m a bit sleepy this morning. Yes, some of that is due to my early morning (and currently delayed) flight, but I knew I was going to have to wake up earlier than usual this morning. No, I’m sleepy because I went to bed later. It wasn’t because I was up late watching TV (I […]
So I spent the weekend on the east coast. After keynoting and presenting some workshops for the Capital District of Key Club International, I was able to meet up with a friend of mine from college. It was a beautiful spring day outside, so we decided to take a walk down the Capitol Mall. Yes, […]
While eating lunch today, I read Emile Hirsch’s Kilimanjaro, By a Hair blog article. It was an interesting read, a bit graphic on the ingrown hair battle he faced, but a nice testament to the adversity Kilimanjaro presents and the reason he climbed. One part really jumped out to me. Hirsch writes: “There’s about 200 […]
I wear the shirt once a year, or maybe to a conference from time to time as ice breaker attire. I made it for a speaking engagement I did a few years ago at Rancho Cucamonga High School on St. Patrick’s Day. The shirt is a nice forest green. The text is pretty simple: “I’M […]
Most speakers tend to have a bunch of stories involving airplanes. We spend a lot of time traveling to and from engagements and air travel just becomes part of our everyday life. I’m no exception to this rule. Just over a week ago in 72 hours I traveled from Reno, Nevada, to Nancy, Kentucky, to […]
“Are you from Vancouver?” It’s not the question you’d normally expect at a Wine & Pizza Bar in Arizona. I was sitting there, waiting for my friend to join me when this really nice woman walked up to me and asked, “Are you from Vancouver?” If this was a one-time occurrence, perhaps I would have […]
I woke up today and started reading my online newsfeed. The top news story? Actor Corey Haim died of a drug overdose. As a child who grew up in the early 80’s I definitely enjoyed Haim’s films–Lucas remains one of my favorites. I’m saddened by his death. The fact that someone who experienced such success […]
If you haven’t yet, you need to watch the new OK GO video for “This Too Shall Pass.” While there have been some comments on whether or not it is a true Rube Goldberg machine, there is no doubt that the video is incredibly interesting. When I finally got around to watching the video on […]
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