Archive of month: July 2010

I’m just about to head back to the airport and fly home to Phoenix. I spent an extra day in southern California with my cousins after my speaking engagement Monday night. I’ve mentioned their awesome kids before. It’s always a joy to be with them. Yesterday, just before an afternoon that included a trip to […]
I pride myself on my travel procedures and routines. I use software to help me organize all of my different trips. I have a section of my wallet dedicated to my frequent traveler cards, even limiting the number of brands I use to maximize points. I can pack in a matter of minutes, a skill […]
It’s a great day here in Phoenix. Growing up n California as a kid, I never really understood the concept of summer rain. The weather was basically warm and pleasant. In Arizona, the summer gets hot–way too hot. It becomes incredibly unpleasant. A friend described an anecdote of making a quick run into the post […]
I just got back from several days in Orlando, Florida for the National Speakers Association Annual Convention. In addition to taking some time for my own professional development, I had the chance to speak at the NSA Youth Program, presenting to some really awesome students who know speaking (their parents are members of NSA). I […]
“We could go to Tricks?” Dave offered up. After having a successful meeting discussing aspects of Homecoming for our Alumni chapter, we thought it was time to relax and catch up over a good dinner. “Nah, they’re closed.” “What?” “Yeah, saw their sign. It’s their annual summer break.” Just before the meeting I made a […]
So I stink at golf. I stink at miniature golf. I’m not even that good at Wii-Golf. The sport never really appealed to me. It always seemed like some boring event where everyone had to be quiet. When I finally played my first game of golf (first of three to date) six years ago, I […]