Archive of month: August 2010

The other day I’m going through my mail. It’s the standard: bills, ASU Alumni magazine, coupons for the store… …and a special mailing from Bath & Body Works talking about their new DARK KISS line to help me seduce “him?” It’s addressed to me, Patrick Maurer. First, I’m not a gay man. Still, I’m basically […]
So it’s last Thursday. I just finished a fun Link Crew freshmen orientation at Oxnard High School, and I have a little bit of time before my flight back to Phoenix. After a crazy week of travel that has already included a trip within a trip, I decide to spoil myself and head for a […]
So Brett Favre is not retired. Wow. Shocker. I arrived in Minnesota just about the same time he did yesterday and my drive up to Duluth was dominated by “breaking news” sports stories consisting of location of his vehicle in relation to the practice facility. I can’t stand him anymore. I know I have a […]
On Saturday I attended the preseason game of the Arizona Cardinals vs. the Houston Texans. My group of friends had great seats–just eight rows back from the action. We went to see the game and also to support my friend’s girlfriend who is in her second year of cheering for the Cardinals. Since she is […]
If you’ve ever seen me present the activity Goal, Fear, Success, Dream, you’ve definitely heard me talk about my time in the Delta (and the fact that I have a serious fear of being eaten in water). I’ve been lucky to have this tradition now for several years. The Delta is a great series of […]
Last week I had the chance to present at an overnight leadership retreat at Bishop Manogue Catholic High School in Reno, Nevada. I’ve been super spoiled with my student audiences and this group was no different. Really fun. Really committed.¬†While I’m doing several leadership and trainings for ASBs this year, this was my only overnight […]
Yesterday I had a great opportunity to do a leadership day at my alma mater, Leigh High School. As I led the students through various activities and discussions, I couldn’t help but also flashback to my days on campus and what “I had done” while I was in their shoes. During one discussion, a thought […]
I’m sitting in Sky Harbor right now, awaiting my flight to San Jose. Like any airport, it’s noisy. The guy next to me is watching a Star Trek DVD in between sending emails and making business calls on his Blackberry. Behind me a lady is chatting away about far too many personal details than she […]