Archive of month: October 2010

After finishing up my workout in the gym this morning, I prepared for my flights today (sitting in O’Hare right now on a delay), and ended up watching some SportsCenter in the locker room. The top two segments mentioned: the NFL and its fine on hard hits over the weekend and Vancouver’s Rick Rypien hitting […]
Late last night I received a text from my older brother to check out this band called Atomic Tom. He also let me know he posted their recent video on his facebook profile. The video consists of the band sitting on a NYC subway and playing their entire song on iPhone apps. You can watch […]
I’m spending the week in southern California, speaking at several middle schools in the area. This week is made even better by the location of the schools, just a short drive from my cousin’s house. It’s nice to finish a day of work and be able to pop over and visit with some of my […]
I’ve been trying to write this blog for days. I’m still not quite sure how or if I’ll ever be satisfied by it. Quite simply, I’m upset. I’ve been reading the news over the past few weeks, especially this week, and I’m shocked and saddened by the wave of suicides linked to bullying of homosexuals. […]