Archive of month: December 2010

A few weeks ago, I attended a conference in Missouri and enjoyed a weekend with some of my favorite leaders in the world of student activities. At the end of the event, my friend Ann from Minnesota came up to me and gave me a small present with a piece of paper. I opened the […]
There is a grocery store near my house called fresh & easy. It’s a new chain, based primarily in Southern California. The store seems to be modeled a bit more after grocery stores in the UK. The store isn’t terribly large. The selection is somewhat limited. The packaging for freshly prepared foods is pretty universal. […]
What’s this? A blog entry? Yes, I know. I’ve been pretty MIA this whole fall when it comes to blogs. For a time, I was pretty regular with the writing, and then I fell off the map. To be blunt, I got my butt kicked this fall. I know for many of you, this might […]