Archive of month: February 2011

So I’m looking through links today and I came across this absolute gem of a video. It’s another cute baby laughing video, but the description caught my eye. The dad had received a rejection letter for a job application and took that moment to take that rejection and find a positive spin on it. By […]
On Valentine’s Day, my girlfriend surprised me with two tickets to go see Monty Python’s SPAMALOT out in Mesa, Arizona. I’ve been a huge Monty Python fan ever since my dad first showed me a sketch and my love of their odd style of comedy only grew as I saw more and more films and […]
Yesterday I spoke in Michigan for the MASC/MAHS Center 9 Regionals. I had a blast with a great group of student leaders (and truly appreciated their assist in a Valentine’s Day message for my girlfriend). I’ve become accustomed to the start of most leadership conferences. There tends to be some music, a welcome message from […]