Archive of month: March 2011

Don’t worry. I’ll keep out of a lot of the politics currently taking place over the complexity of the situation in Libya. I have my own personal viewpoints, but I won’t use today’s blog to post them. Rather, I wanted to address an interesting point made in the March 29th episode of The Daily Show. […]
I spent some time today reading some articles on Mashable and stumbled upon a great video montage of the 25 years of Pixar. You can watch the full video here. I’m a huge fan of the company and watching the video only heightened my admiration of them. Their films consistently reinforce positive ideals and tap […]
I’ve mentioned before that although I’m a HUGE Apple user, I’m a big, big, big fan of what Bill Gates has done since he left Microsoft. His TEDTalks are some of my favorite. Here is a recent presentation he did. It’s sobering, but I think if we begin to have real discussions and not just […]
My cousin is a huge LA Lakers fan. Last night a great deal of teasing took place in our Cousins Facebook group (yes, my family is that rad) over the fact that his sister sat in great seats for the Lakers vs. Suns game last night (and he didn’t go). Today, we joked about it […]
I saw a link appear in my facebook newsfeed today. This morning, USA Today published an article called “‘Glee’ has lost its voice in all the chaos.” Sadly, I found myself agreeing with almost every aspect of the article. What was once my favorite new show on television is quickly becoming something I endure, hoping […]
I spent part of this past weekend in Lexington, Kentucky for the Kentucky-Tennessee Key Club District Convention. It’s the second time I’ve keynoted the event, and I’ve always enjoyed the time with the great student leaders in the organization. I had some time on Friday before my keynote, so I ended up walking around the […]
If you’ve seen me do a leadership retreat, you’ve likely seen me present my Playdoh metaphor. The basic idea? If you think Playdoh is perfect and leave it out, it dries up. If you keep your Playdoh locked in a container, it does nothing. If you utilize your Playdoh and collaborate and practice, you can […]
So I’m a big fan of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I catch it when I can while traveling and try to make a point to DVR a few episodes if I’m home for a few days. While I definitely enjoy the satire present in the first half of the show, my favorite part […]