Archive of month: August 2011

After a long hiatus, I’m back with regular blogs. Blogs will be back to normal in the coming months. I hope you enjoy the brief entries from me this week as well as the outstanding blog entries by other authors that I follow. Posts by Patrick The Beach at 6am The Most Important Ingredient Posts […]
I’m spending most of my nights in hotels again as my fall speaking season hits its stride. I’m back in a property I’ve praised in the past about its incredible service. Sadly, today things weren’t quite the same. No, this isn’t a rant blog–seriously, keep reading (I’ve purposefully left the hotel’s name out of it). […]
My fall speaking season is up and running, and I’ve started to hit the airports quite a bit more frequently again. On a recent trip, I flew into LAX, arriving close to 6am. Just before our descent, we flew out over the Pacific Ocean, turning to line up with the runway. I looked out over […]