Archive of month: December 2011

I’ve been spending some of my slow time right now playing some Wii. Yeah, I’m a slacker. : ) Yesterday, I played the Mario Kart Time Trials mode several times, racing ghosts. If you’re not a regular Wii user (I wasn’t until recently), the ghost mode allows you to race your fastest time, a semi […]
Happy Friday everyone. I know many of you are just beginning your winter break (if you’re not–hang in there!) It’s been quite a week for me as many of you already know. I’m now engaged : ) I’m going to be spending a little bit more time with my fiancée and family and friends over […]
Yesterday I was sitting in front of my computer, reading some articles and facebook status updates. One of my friends posted: I just went to a Starbucks and all ten tables were taken up by single people with laptops. Wow. What happened to sitting and enjoying your coffee with a friend like we used to […]
On Saturday, I proposed to my girlfriend. She said “Yes!” For me, it’s a story that begins in the summer of 2010 at my youngest sister’s wedding. It was a wonderful celebration that my whole family enjoyed. As I watched how happy my sister was with my new brother-in-law, I got to thinking. At the time […]
It’s another weekend. I know many of you are looking at one more week at school before the winter break. Before you celebrate this weekend (or work on that last paper that is due), I encourage you to check out some blogs from this week. My entries are pretty short and simple this week–just little […]
When I was 18, I spoke at a Key Club event on Honolulu. I remained on the island for a few more days, doing a variety of tourist activities. On one of the days, we ventured to Pearl Harbor and out to the Arizona Memorial. I remember it being a beautiful day. I remember really […]
I’ve spent today trying to return to normalcy after an incredible weekend with my family in Pasadena. My cousin, Debbie, married her awesome husband, Jason, in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. It was a wonderful gathering of all of my cousins on my mom’s side, most of their spouses and kids (a few couldn’t make the […]
Can you believe it’s already December? Wow, this year has flown by fast. I’m really excited about this month. Later tonight I head into Pasadena to celebrate my cousin’s wedding tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to the time with my extended family. I hope you’re enjoying your December as well. I really want to encourage […]