Archive of month: January 2012

I know my blogs have been pretty absent over the past week. Once again, I’m up in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. I’ll do a longer summary blog when the whole experience is over. Today, I’m took a lazy morning, not watching any films, and instead sleeping in, and doing some laundry. […]
I’m sitting in my home for the next two weeks. I’ve completely checked in and have almost all of my gear to volunteer as a Festival Insider Pro for the Sundance Film Festival. I’ll spend the next two weeks attempting to provide the best customer service to all attendees at the festival. My position has […]
Yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to meet up for an early breakfast with a friend of mine, Thom Singer. Thom is a fellow speaker I first encountered a few years ago at the annual convention for the National Speakers Association. He’s a really nice guy, and I thoroughly enjoyed his down to earth nature, […]
Wait, did that say “Twenty-Twelve?” Yep, we’re here. A new year and a few weeks of writing the date wrong. Blogs are back, and so is Friday Finish. Thank you for allowing me some time to just celebrate with my family in California. Both entries from me this week are pretty short, and as always […]
Don’t worry. Seriously, don’t worry. This won’t be a political rant–not about any candidate or any party. But it will be a rant about apathy. Did you see the Iowa Caucus results from last night? 8 votes separated Romney and Santorum! 8 votes!!! Far too often people think, “my vote doesn’t count” or “I don’t […]
I looked down at the iCal icon on my MacBook and saw the number 1 staring at me. Yep, we’re at Day One of 2012. It’s time for a lot of resolutions. Change this. Do this. Be this. All of these ideas and all of these pursuits have merit. We should strive to be better. […]