Archive of month: February 2012

I’m in Reno, Nevada for the next few days attending the California Association of Directors of Activities Annual Convention. It’s a great gathering of some of my favorite people I see throughout the year including many of my friends from outside California. The convention takes place at the Grand Sierra Resort, just a short shuttle […]
So this wasn’t the blog I was intending to write today, but my day took a different twist. On the way out for an afternoon errand, I saw a dog jumping next to a person lying down on the sidewalk. It struck me as being a little bit odd, so I took an extra glance […]
It’s Friday and that means it’s time for Friday Finish, a reposting of my blogs from the previous week as well as some links to blogs that I follow. Have a great weekend! Posts by Patrick An Apology Laundry The Next 40 Days… Posts by Others The Theology of Falling (guest post featured on Donald […]
Last Friday, I had a long drive back from my speaking engagement in Many Farms, Arizona. As always I listened to a variety of podcasts including a few episodes of Freakonomics. Their Save Me From Myself episode really caught my ear, particularly the segment highlighting Adam Scott and his Cold Turkey Diaries, a YouTube series […]
I did some laundry today. It took some time, but it was pretty easy. Add detergent to the washer. Add clothes. Press start. Return later. Add clothes to dryer. Add dryer sheet. Press start. Remove. Hang or Fold. Done. This is a lot easier than laundry 100 years ago. I can’t imagine what it was […]
So it’s been close to a month since I last posted a blog entry. The month before that wasn’t too heavy on blogs either. I can list a few excuses: Sundance, the holidays, spending time with my fianc√©, travel, etc. Some of those are valid–sometimes poor internet connection or a long day of travel prevents […]