Archive of month: March 2012

Sorry, this Friday Finish is a day late. I enjoyed speaking to a great audience of Phi Beta Lambda students in Pennsylvania, but the hotel internet was pretty spotty. I’m sitting at the Washington Dulles airport awaiting my flight home after a great week of working with awesome students. This week was a bit surreal […]
“Is there anything we could have done better?” The question caught me off guard. I normally just get the “how-was-your-rental” question when I return my car, but this particular National Rental Car employee was really serious. I thought about her question for a minute and I mentioned the difficulty in finding gas now that the […]
I spent a longer weekend at the Michigan Association of Student Councils. As always, it was a super fun event with some great student leaders. Flight schedules added an extra night to my trip, allowing me a wonderful opportunity to visit with some advisors outside the big dance. It was a blast. We spent over […]
“May the odds ever be in your favor!” Yes, I just got back from a matinee screening of The Hunger Games. It’s good. I think you’ll like it (assuming you didn’t already watch a midnight screening last night). If you’re standing in line, perhaps you can check out these blog entries on your phone. I […]
If you’ve followed this blog for more than a few months, y0u probably know I’m a huge This American Life fan. I think more people should listen to the radio show, the podcast, and/or download their incredible app. The show often makes me laugh, makes me think, sometimes makes me cry, and even sometimes challenges […]
So I’ve been going a bit crazy on the game Draw Something over the past few days. I’ve been enjoying going back and forth with my siblings, my cousins, and my fianc√©. My drawings weren’t the best at first–my cousin Adam still teases me about my rendition of an Ewok, but they’ve gotten better (or […]
There was a little bit of noise at my hotel during the daytime this past Friday. I was still able to catch up on some sleep that I missed during my red eye flight out to Greenville, South Carolina. As I took the elevator down to head over to the site where I was going […]
It’s Friday! I’m sitting in my hotel room in Greenville, South Carolina after keynoting the opening session of the South Carolina Association of Student Councils Convention–super fun! I hope you all have plans for a fun St. Patrick’s day weekend (yes, I will be wearing green for my workshops tomorrow and flight back to San […]
I’m taking a red eye flight tonight–San Diego to Washington Dulles. I’ll have a quick layover in the morning before the connecting flight to my next speaking engagement. Like most people on a red eye, I’m worries most about sleep: 1) Will I be able to fall asleep? and 2) Is there any chance the […]
Yesterday, I did my first Question & Answer post based off one question I received at a leadership conference last month. I’ll continue answering questions from that batch and more. Feel free to email me questions at any time. Question: How do you stay positive?/What are some good ways to keep motivation? Answer: First, I […]
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