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I’m just about to head out for a date night with my fiancé, but before I do I wanted to do a quick posting of Friday Finish. As always, here are the blogs that I wrote this week as well as some great entries from people I follow. I want to do a special highlight […]
So apparently tonight is the official start of May Sweeps. You know what that means… some tv show you’re watching is about to have a wedding, a pregnancy, a death, and/or some other cliffhanger that is designed to keep up guessing until next fall, all with the hopes of increasing ratings and ad revenues for the […]
My fiancé and I have started to look at wedding photographers. We’re early in the process, but will hopefully have someone line up a year in advance (we’re getting married in May 0f 2013). It’s interesting looking at the portfolios. In addition to many websites with bad music players and flash animation, I’m blown away […]
So I’m sitting in a hotel room getting ready for an evening keynote at workshop. I do love this time of year when I get the chance to present to so many youth leaders–thanks for allowing me the chance to have this as my job. As you get ready to celebrate this weekend, take a […]
As I cleaned today, I watched an on demand presentation of Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America. It was the big finale, and so the final two contestants were pulling out all of their stops to wow the judges. One of the contestants made squab. That’s right, cooked pigeon. To wow the judges, he cooked […]
Today I watched the movie Bully. It’s an incredible documentary, and I strongly believe you need to see it. Here is the trailer: I’m still trying to process all of the major themes and ideas from the film. For now the major quote that stood out to me:
I was back in the Bay Area this weekend, near where I grew up, in order to keynote the California-Nevada-Hawaii District Key Club Convention at the Santa Clara Convention Center. On my way over to present some workshops on Saturday morning, I stopped by a Starbucks near my parents’ house to grab some breakfast. The […]
Here are the workshop handouts for my presentations at the Cali-Nev-Ha Key Club District Convention this weekend. Even if you weren’t at the event, you may really like some of the content from of the topics. Please let me know if you have any questions. Active Appreciation (focusing on appreciation/recognition programs) Save Our Service (strategies […]
Yes, I know it’s another Saturday posting of Friday Finish. I spent most of yesterday at the 2012 California-Nevada-Hawaii Key Club District Convention. It was 15 years to the day that I got elected Governor of that great district and my life forever changed. I’ll definitely post a blog about the experience next week. In […]
I cooked dinner last night for my fiancé and me. It’s the fourth time I’ve made the dish–a cool Paleo recipe where cauliflower substitutes for rice in a spanish-styled entree. I really like it. Yesterday, I couldn’t find the recommended tomato sauce for the dish, so I went one notch hotter on the scale and […]
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