Archive of month: September 2012

Kansas StuCo Sponsors, Thank you again for a great two weeks with your students. Here is a link to the Metaphor Workshop I presented. I also wanted to give you a few additional resources: Activities Amidst Adversity I developed this workshop in 2010 with a former colleague.
I’ve seen the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. I know. You’re totally jealous. This took place on Monday. I had just finished speaking at Beloit HS to amazing Kansas StuCo leaders and headed through Cawker City on my way to the next stop in the Kansas tour. The student leaders informed me not to touch […]
I’ve been having a pretty fun week, driving around Kansas as part of my two week tour, speaking to student council leaders and their awesome sponsors. As each day begins, the host school tends to showcase some of their student talent. I’ve listened to choirs, drumlines, and even school orchestras as they show their school […]
So I’m spending the next two weeks in Kansas, speaking to a student council leaders all over the state. It’s going to be fun. Tonight I was lucky enough to have fellow speaker, Bob Tryanski, drive in for a dinner visit. I had heard Bob’s name for years when I first started speaking, and we […]
So I spent part of last night registering for wedding gifts with my fiancee, Jessica. We’re still far from done (amazing that it takes this long to ask for a bunch of STUFF), but we were pretty productive. Even though our local Macy’s had appetizers, small desserts, and some beverages at the special registration event, […]
Yeah, I read the articles too. The iPhone 5 is out. Once again, it’s awesome. Yes, I know. I’m an Apple fan. I like their products. I buy their products. I’m not going to debate Apple vs. other tech companies in this blog (but yeah, I drank the Kool-Aid and I tend to fall under […]