Archive of month: October 2012

So fall is the time where I spend most of my days on the road and in hotels. Other than the difficulty in maintaining a regular fitness program, I’m pretty used to the travel at this point. Still, I do have my complaints. My biggest? The lack of electrical outlets. There are far too many […]
On my drive to the airport today, I listened to a comedian talk about Musical Chairs. You know, that popular childhood game where you fought for the right to sit down. Her joke was that every American invention (car, airplane, etc) was just a variation on the chair. It got me thinking… Why are we […]
I just enjoyed a great weekend back in San Jose where I grew up. My fiancee ran the San Jose Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon, and I was there to cheer her on. My cousin, Adam, also ran the event and brought his awesome family to cheer him on. If you’re a regularly reader of […]
“10-4, good buddy.” I’ve actually said it once while driving. A buddy of mine had CB radios and we played (using the proper protocols) with them on a long drive. We asked a question about some upcoming traffic, received word back, and replied, “10-4, good buddy.” The translation? It varies depending on which website you […]
Okay, so I needed to use the airplane lavatory. Yes, this story begins in a bathroom. And then I saw this sign: