Complacency. For some, it’s the result of a frustrating path where success is not as clearly identified or quickly obtained. For others, it’s the safety blanket of maintaining a scope of work that is comfortable. In this frame of mind, regardless of the reason, many people find it easier to focus on the end destination of being “done” with a the task at hand, as opposed to striving to attain their personal best. The daily deluge of work demands and responsibilities can invoke a dangerous pattern of switching into autopilot mode. This presentation shatters that pattern.
When “good enough” is the social norm, how do we shake up that mindset and work alongside others to truly develop our mind, hearts, and courage to do great things? Audiences will walk away with tips, tools, and a clear understanding of how to:
 Restructure their approach in situations to apply boldness – from the choices we make to the life we lead, regardless of outcome 

 Understand how boldness impacts our success and how we manage tough times 

 Redefine success as something to be achievable but not instantaneous 

 Establish habits that produce long term results on the road toward success
"Patrick has a unique way of drawing comparisons that seem unlikely but totally make sense. This originality is part of what makes him such a remarkable speaker." 
Melanie Lindsey


Did you know that 1 out of 5 kids admits to being a bully, or doing some “Bullying”? In a world of 24/7 access to each other via texting, the Web, and Facebook, bullying doesn’t sleep and policing it doesn’t work. Empowering kids does.

In this captivating session, students will be imagining a reality where kindness is the new norm. Organizations and educators have long praised this program for its breakthrough approach of teaching the skills needed to be proactive and opportunistic when it comes to meaningful, everyday interactions that celebrate others. When students regularly connect the long-term impact of their everyday interactions they have a greater chance at invoking dramatic, positive change in their campus/community.

Students will walk away from this session being able to: 
 Identify the role negative comments play in self-belief and how they prevent us from pursuing our goals

 Integrate support and celebration of self and others into their daily life 

 Recognize the benefits of working alongside one another


For seniors wrapping up their time in high school, the experience can be as exciting as it is overwhelming – the year seems to have flown by and new chapters are approaching fast. As their final days of high school take shape, this fun and hilarious take on the journey thus far has proven to be as engaging as it is motivating for students. Audiences will have the opportunity to not only reflect on where they’ve been, but receive a bold call-to-action to make the most of the time they have right now, alongside their peers, while taking an inspiring look ahead to the future and its possibilities.
Seniors will laugh and relate in this lively session that joins them in celebrating their milestones and prepares them to not just take on the unknown, but fall in love with the challenge. Forward-thinking messages include:
 The connection between forging ahead with courageous decision making and the greater influence it can have on college and the times beyond

 Daring to live a life filled with positive, bold choices 

 Mindfulness in the remaining time of the school year – how to celebrate relationships now and foster them for years to come 

 Embracing the challenges that lie ahead, and the rewards we gain by doing so