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This summer my wife and I spent just over two glorious weeks in Spain. In addition to experiencing the rich Spanish culture and history, as well as dedicated time with my wife, I found myself reminded at times of important life lessons. This short blog series will focus on the five lessons that jumped out […]
My cable company sent me yet another piece of mail. About once a week I get an email or a piece of mail from them encouraging me to use the phone service. Yes, the cost is minimal, but I don’t need it, nor do I want it. To be perfectly honest, I’d almost rather not […]
Today is Opening Day for baseball. A new season begins and the slate of last season is wiped clean–truly–both teams in last year’s World Series don’t appear on predictions for the 2015 series. So the real question each team should be asking is… “How many games are we going to play? 162 or 173+?” 162 […]
I wish there was some great elaborate reason or a twist on this blog to make skipping yoga some deeper approach to living. But it isn’t. I could do the laundry list of standard excuses: I had an early morning Kiwanis Board Meeting I didn’t sleep well the night before I had another project to […]
If you’ve ever heard me close an event with my “Bubbles” story, you know that Christmas is my favorite holiday in the entire world and that the Christmas season is my favorite time of year. I love almost everything about this season (I can’t stand mall parking lots of the crazy crowds). I turn on […]
So baseball season is back and now in full effect. This makes me happy. I’ll admit that I’ve become a bit of a baseball addict since moving to downtown San Diego. I live blocks away from Petco Park and dove in headfirst to being a Padres fan (even if we tend to be at the […]
So about two months ago, I was busy working the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Unlike most of the country at that time, the festival had surprisingly warm weather with no snowfall during the actual festival. However, I arrived over a week before the festival kicked off and one last winter storm hit […]
So if you’ve happened to hear my rock climbing story, there is a decent chance you’ve seen my 8th grade yearbook and the photo of me playing volleyball. I always highlight the volleyball picture. I don’t do the same with the cover. I happened to be a co-editor-in-chief back in the day and was part […]
Okay, a little honesty to begin the week. I’m not happy with the way I currently look. No, this isn’t going to be some sob story blog entry. I’m just not satisfied with my current physical appearance. My time on the road, my love of some of some of the local San Diego restaurants, and […]
So my wife and I went to a wine and painting class this past Sunday night. It was part of a series of Date Night Adventures we received as a wedding gift. It was fun. Neither of us are really artists. Yes, we each dabbled in photography in college, and I had art as an […]