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So my building was sold on Friday. My wife and I moved here in May of 2012 and have loved everything about it. But the building was sold to a new apartment management company, and so we have new people in the front office. Normally, this wouldn’t mean anything. I’ve lived in a few different apartment complexes […]
So if you follow me on twitter, you may notice that I’m a San Diego Padres fan. I purchased a 21 game package for this season and I’m doing my best to catch a game whenever I can. They may not be the best team in baseball, but they are my local team, and I’ve […]
So I’m starting again. The past month has been fun. I got married. I went on a mini-moon to Napa with my wife. I ate whatever I wanted and slept in. I was lazy around the house. It’s been nice. But I’m starting again. I need to return to regular work. I need to return […]
Yep, I finished a half marathon. I posted its image on my personal facebook profile right after the race, and received tons of accolades for a jobs well done. People were incredibly positive and incredibly kind. But I felt bad about it. Don’t get me wrong. 13.1 one miles is not an easy feat. I […]
So my wedding is quickly approaching (May 26th for those of you playing along at home). Almost all aspects are now planned and I’m pretty much in the home stretch, except for the standard diet and exercise that goes along with a wedding. First, I must say that my fiancee likes me just the way […]
Here are links to everything I talked about, tweeted about, during the CADA Convention in San Diego. Thanks to all the educators who attended my sessions. If you’d like me to come to your schools, to speak to your students and/or doing a teambuidling or training with them, please let me know! Cut & Paste: […]
So I had the chance to present at the 60/6o session at the Annual Convention for the California Association of Directors of Activities. Here is a more fleshed out version of my 10 ideas (the format is 6 presenters each sharing 10 ideas for a total of 60 ideas in 60 minutes):
So I had to establish an online account today for my business and found myself in the familiar spot of filling out username, password, and setting up a few security questions with answers in the event that I forget my username and password. It took me quite some time to figure out my security questions, […]
So you saw it too, right? 34 minutes of a blackout. Yep. 34 minutes. As every sports story mentioned today, it looked as if it was (almost) exactly what the 49ers needed. As a childhood fan, it was exciting to see them almost come back from the brink like they had done so many times […]
(This article originally appeared in the newsletter for NASSCED) Around this time last year, my fiancée gave me a gift certificate to a knife skills class at Sur la table. I’m an avid Food Network viewer and wanna-be-chef, so I already knew some of the basics thanks to Alton Brown, but the class introduced me […]