Kettle Corn & Raisinets: Reconnecting In Relationships

kettle cornI think it is a weird treat.

I just don’t get it.

I mean–I like kettle corn and do enjoy some Raisinets from time to time…

…but together?

But that is what she asked for.

It was January of 2011. My wife and I were still early in the dating phase having recently had the whole “dating exclusively” conversation. We wanted to spend as much time together as we possibly could. In another week or two, I’d depart to volunteer again with the Sundance Film Festival, and we’d be apart for far too long (especially when you’re still in the 100% butterflies and rainbows of early dating days)–and we lived on the opposite sides of town making dates even more difficult on weeknights.

All that AND she had a major professional certification exam coming up that required her focus. She had to spend several hours over the weekends working on it.

Our compromise?

She’d come over to my place, studying for a few hours while I read or watched TV, and then we’d cook dinner and go see a movie together at night.

So she wanted her favorite study food: Kettle Corn and Raisinets.

She was thrilled when I had them waiting for her when she arrived.

In the years since, I’ll have the treat waiting for her before busy seasons at work or during stressful times.

Just the other night, we went to the store. She was exhausted, but ended up driving because it is much easier on me without having to put on and off my walking boot several times. She’s had to do so much more work in the past month because of my injury. I’ve been able to step up in the past few days, but even still–things are busy.

So when it came time for us to separate in the store to each get that one last item, I snuck over to the popcorn and candy aisle and picked up her treat. When we reconnected at checkout, she smiled big time.

Let me be clear–buying two treats in no way is equal to the incredible sacrifices my beautiful bride has made over the past month while I’ve hobbled around, but for a brief moment, it reconnected both of us to a different time…

…back to the days of butterflies and rainbows.


In reality, we won’t have butterflies and rainbows 24/7. Relationships will go through many peaks and valleys, through many challenges and celebrations.

Still, it doesn’t mean we can’t make those challenging times just a bit easier.

Often, all it needs is a small gesture linked to a memory.

It’s a card, a text, a call, a #tbt picture–something that reminds us of where we’ve been and how far we’ve come.

It can make all the world of difference.


Patrick Maurer, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), is a Keynote Speaker for conventions, conferences, and assemblies, and Facilitator of incredible retreats and teambuilding session. His perfected approach of fusing compelling topics with real-life account, insights, humor, and pop culture savviness have entertained and enriched audiences throughout North America for over a decade.