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I present my Active Appreciation workshop in a variety of settings, and so sometimes I race through the examples. I wanted to share a few of them up close in a blog and explain the WHY they are important. While all of these are Thank You notes written to me, I share them not to […]
So if you follow me on twitter, you may notice that I’m a San Diego Padres fan. I purchased a 21 game package for this season and I’m doing my best to catch a game whenever I can. They may not be the best team in baseball, but they are my local team, and I’ve […]
I’ve been on a pretty strict diet for the past month of so. After several years of eating a bit too freely on the road, and not exercising as much as I should, I saw the pounds add up and I wasn’t too happy with the photos coming out of events. As a “motivational” speaker, […]
I just spent a wonderful weekend with several family members at Disneyland. My girlfriend was also able to take the train up from her new home in San Diego. It was nice to see her. For the next year or so, we’re doing a long-distance relationship until I can relocate out to San Diego and […]
I’m spending most of my nights in hotels again as my fall speaking season hits its stride. I’m back in a property I’ve praised in the past about its incredible service. Sadly, today things weren’t quite the same. No, this isn’t a rant blog–seriously, keep reading (I’ve purposefully left the hotel’s name out of it). […]
I’m really excited about this week. It’s probably my favorite week out of the whole State section (although the other weeks are also awesome). First, are you still drinking water and turning off your electronics? Are you working out? Have you signed up for the President’s Challenge with me (trust me, it’s great and really […]
Three things caught my attention recently. 1) The Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Championship and owner Mark Cuban let original owner Donald Carter accept the¬†Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy. 2) Newt Gingrich’s entire campaign staff quit gaining much national attention. 3) I sat and watched the closing credits of X-Men: First Class. So you’re probably […]
If you’ve ever seen me present the activity Goal, Fear, Success, Dream, you’ve definitely heard me talk about my time in the Delta (and the fact that I have a serious fear of being eaten in water). I’ve been lucky to have this tradition now for several years. The Delta is a great series of […]
“We could go to Tricks?” Dave offered up. After having a successful meeting discussing aspects of Homecoming for our Alumni chapter, we thought it was time to relax and catch up over a good dinner. “Nah, they’re closed.” “What?” “Yeah, saw their sign. It’s their annual summer break.” Just before the meeting I made a […]
There’s a great viral video floating around the internet. It focuses on the birthday surprise for a bus driver in Copenhagen. You can watch it here: I don’t understand a single word in the video, but you can tell there is great meaning in it. I had watched the video several times before I started […]
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