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So I’m spending the next two weeks in Kansas, speaking to a student council leaders all over the state. It’s going to be fun. Tonight I was lucky enough to have fellow speaker, Bob Tryanski, drive in for a dinner visit. I had heard Bob’s name for years when I first started speaking, and we […]
So I’ve been going a bit crazy on the game Draw Something over the past few days. I’ve been enjoying going back and forth with my siblings, my cousins, and my fiancé. My drawings weren’t the best at first–my cousin Adam still teases me about my rendition of an Ewok, but they’ve gotten better (or […]
There was a little bit of noise at my hotel during the daytime this past Friday. I was still able to catch up on some sleep that I missed during my red eye flight out to Greenville, South Carolina. As I took the elevator down to head over to the site where I was going […]
Last Friday, I had a long drive back from my speaking engagement in Many Farms, Arizona. As always I listened to a variety of podcasts including a few episodes of Freakonomics. Their Save Me From Myself episode really caught my ear, particularly the segment highlighting Adam Scott and his Cold Turkey Diaries, a YouTube series […]
Since my speaking schedule has slowed down for the holidays, I’m spending most of December in California visiting family, friends, and my girlfriend (who relocated to San Diego in June). I recognized that while I did better this year, my fall fitness was once again lacking–it remains tough to do with the hotel gym schedule […]
So my friend Derek posted this great link encouraging people to make 11/11/11 Nigel Tufnel Day. I recognize that many if not most my readers are unfamiliar with Tufnel as featured in the brilliant mockumentary, This is Spinal Tap. The film is awesome. Watch it. The famous scene: Nigel Tufnel: “The numbers all go to […]
I’m just about to head out of town to attend the wedding of a really good friend of mine. Tomorrow morning is also trash day, and with Arizona heat, it’s a good idea to throw out perishables as close to trash day as humanly possible. So today, I cleaned out my refrigerator. Nothing wrong with […]
Yep, I’ve been hyping it for the past few days. I hope you’ll join me. Here is the announcement. Want to join me? Check out the details here.
“Who’s Patrick?” “HE’S YOUR GRANDSON—oh, she’s winking. Your grammy is teasing us. Here she is.” “Hello, my baby boy…” That’s the humor of my Grammy in our last conversation together. I had called my mom a few weeks ago, and she happened to be over visiting Grammy (my dad’s mom). Grammy was having a good […]
I’m composing this message in the San Jose airport, awaiting my flight home to Phoenix. I spoke to some awesome high school students at a few assemblies today in Ceres, California. Since I was going to need to fly into San Jose anyways, and it happened to be my mom’s birthday yesterday, I decided to […]