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“To infinity… and beyond!”- Buzz Lightyear It seems to me to be the perfect quote to describe Steve Jobs. Without him, there would be no Buzz Lightyear. Without him, I wouldn’t be typing this blog up as easily on my MacBook Pro with iTunes playing in the background. You may call it sentimental, but there […]
So I’ll admit it. I’m a fan of the TV show, Build it Bigger. I don’t watch it all the time, but it’s definitely one that I have in my DVR for background TV–that’s TV that I have on while I do household tasks. Last night as I did my dishes and cleaned my kitchen, […]
I’m composing this message in the San Jose airport, awaiting my flight home to Phoenix. I spoke to some awesome high school students at a few assemblies today in Ceres, California. Since I was going to need to fly into San Jose anyways, and it happened to be my mom’s birthday yesterday, I decided to […]
Remember two weeks ago? You were at school, or in your office, or checking your phone, and someone texted you or posted on your wall about this horrible YouTube video that you just had to see? The lyrics were awful, there was a strange rap sequence, and no one could figure out why it even […]
Today was going to be my day to sleep. Not forever, just until late into the morning. I’ve enjoyed the past few weeks, but I’ve honestly been working or doing major activities ever since August 22nd. My days at home have been packed with morning meetings or events, and my weekends have been filled with […]
I went a bit deeper into my iTunes playlist last night and dug out one of my favorite albums from the late 90’s. Sure decksanddrumsandrockandroll might not trigger major memories for most of you, but it’s an album I definitely listened to on a regular basis during my freshmen year of college. History Repeating was […]
I had a nice workout today. After having my trainer kick my butt with some challenging lifts, I spent an hour doing cardio, listening to most recent episode of This American Life. I really enjoy listening to a podcast while on an elliptical. I don’t have to lower my intensity level so I can hold […]
Last night I watched The Blind Side. I found the film to a nice contrast to many movies out there today. Incredibly hopeful, and still somewhat unexpected. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend watching it. But you can see from the title of this blog entry, it isn’t about The Blind Side. It’s […]
So the scene ended with my Hammer-Pants-wearing-semi-roller-skating crew running into the plate spinning crew at the middle school talent show, causing the class-assigned “wife” of one of the plate spinners to drop their electronic baby from home economics. Yep, just a Tuesday night practice at Comedy Sportz. I’m back in San Jose, California for a […]
I’m sitting in my hotel room in Rockford, IL counting down my departure to a friend’s wedding. I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in this morning (although I technically woke up about the same time in California), but nonetheless, it is nice when the clock says it’s 10am and you are just rolling out of bed. As […]