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I just enjoyed a great weekend back in San Jose where I grew up. My fiancee ran the San Jose Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon, and I was there to cheer her on. My cousin, Adam, also ran the event and brought his awesome family to cheer him on. If you’re a regularly reader of […]
“10-4, good buddy.” I’ve actually said it once while driving. A buddy of mine had CB radios and we played (using the proper protocols) with them on a long drive. We asked a question about some upcoming traffic, received word back, and replied, “10-4, good buddy.” The translation? It varies depending on which website you […]
So apparently¬†tonight is the official start of May Sweeps. You know what that means… some tv show you’re watching is about to have a wedding, a pregnancy, a death, and/or some other cliffhanger that is designed to keep up guessing until next fall, all with the hopes of increasing ratings and ad revenues for the […]
I know my blogs have been pretty absent over the past week. Once again, I’m up in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. I’ll do a longer summary blog when the whole experience is over. Today, I’m took a lazy morning, not watching any films, and instead sleeping in, and doing some laundry. […]
If you’ve read the news today, you know that Netflix messed up. They are being largely ridiculed on a variety of social media platforms and even on their own blog. If you haven’t followed Netflix in the past few months, here is the basic breakdown. After years of having a simple streaming/DVD package, Netflix elected […]
I just spent a wonderful weekend with several family members at Disneyland. My girlfriend was also able to take the train up from her new home in San Diego. It was nice to see her. For the next year or so, we’re doing a long-distance relationship until I can relocate out to San Diego and […]
So I travel a lot. I think I’ve probably bored all of you with anecdotes about planes or rants about frequent flyer programs. Still, travel is part of my life. A regular part. Most of the time, I simply zone out in the airport… …reading a book… …playing on facebook… …listening to a podcast… …watching […]
So the last episode of Oprah Winfrey’s popular talk show aired today. There are so many articles describing her effect on the television and cultural landscape. I’d encourage you to read some. She went against most of the conventional models of television at the time, and in the process, dramatically changed the way we look […]
So I’m a big fan of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I catch it when I can while traveling and try to make a point to DVR a few episodes if I’m home for a few days. While I definitely enjoy the satire present in the first half of the show, my favorite part […]
Yesterday I spoke in Michigan for the MASC/MAHS Center 9 Regionals. I had a blast with a great group of student leaders (and truly appreciated their assist in a Valentine’s Day message for my girlfriend). I’ve become accustomed to the start of most leadership conferences. There tends to be some music, a welcome message from […]
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