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I’ve been on a pretty strict diet for the past month of so. After several years of eating a bit too freely on the road, and not exercising as much as I should, I saw the pounds add up and I wasn’t too happy with the photos coming out of events. As a “motivational” speaker, […]
I’m spending most of my nights in hotels again as my fall speaking season hits its stride. I’m back in a property I’ve praised in the past about its incredible service. Sadly, today things weren’t quite the same. No, this isn’t a rant blog–seriously, keep reading (I’ve purposefully left the hotel’s name out of it). […]
A few weeks ago, I attended a conference in Missouri and enjoyed a weekend with some of my favorite leaders in the world of student activities. At the end of the event, my friend Ann from Minnesota came up to me and gave me a small present with a piece of paper. I opened the […]
So it’s last Thursday. I just finished a fun Link Crew freshmen orientation at Oxnard High School, and I have a little bit of time before my flight back to Phoenix. After a crazy week of travel that has already included a trip within a trip, I decide to spoil myself and head for a […]
If you’ve ever seen me present the activity Goal, Fear, Success, Dream, you’ve definitely heard me talk about my time in the Delta (and the fact that I have a serious fear of being eaten in water). I’ve been lucky to have this tradition now for several years. The Delta is a great series of […]
Special Note: I returned from the Sundance Film Festival late Sunday night. My apologies for the lack of blog entries during that time–my internet and computer access was limited. The next four written blog entries will all be Sundance related, but then I’ll return to my standard variety of articles. So I’m standing there at […]
I spent the past few days in the Pacific Northwest, presenting some half-day leadership programs for Link Crew. I love speaking at these events, and I love it even more being up in Oregon and Washington at this time as year. As much as I like aspects of Phoenix, I miss autumn. We just don’t […]
My house in Arizona is on the far west side of Phoenix, almost Glendale. The surrounding sports facilities really contributed to my purchase. It’s less than four miles from my front door to the entrance of the University of Phoenix Stadium, the home field of the Arizona Cardinals, the location of the Fiesta Bowl, and […]