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Just over a week ago, before my speaking engagement in New York, I had the chance to see a good friend of mine present the Advent Conspiracy to his church. Wait–did I just say “church” and Advent “Conspiracy?” Yes, I did. Keep on reading, even if you are one of my many non-Christian readers. And […]
On Saturday night, my girlfriend and I met up with several friends on Ocean Beach in San Diego. We thought it’d be fun to have a nice bonfire on the beach, cook some dinner, and enjoy some nice conversation. My girlfriend and I brought the bulk on the supplies: two big bunches of firewood, matches, […]
10 years ago today, our world changed. The day has affected so many aspects of my life. While I did not personally lose a friend in the attacks or in the wars that followed, I have many friends who experienced great personal loss from a friend or family member in the Towers, in the Pentagon, […]
There is a grocery store near my house called fresh & easy. It’s a new chain, based primarily in Southern California. The store seems to be modeled a bit more after grocery stores in the UK. The store isn’t terribly large. The selection is somewhat limited. The packaging for freshly prepared foods is pretty universal. […]
Yesterday I had a great opportunity to do a leadership day at my alma mater, Leigh High School. As I led the students through various activities and discussions, I couldn’t help but also flashback to my days on campus and what “I had done” while I was in their shoes. During one discussion, a thought […]
I flew through SFO on my way to Seattle on Wednesday. Just before I stepped on the plane, I made one final quick stop in the bathroom to wash my hands again (I tend to do that a lot when I travel to help reduce the chance that I get sick). When it came time […]
I’m a bit sleepy this morning. Yes, some of that is due to my early morning (and currently delayed) flight, but I knew I was going to have to wake up earlier than usual this morning. No, I’m sleepy because I went to bed later. It wasn’t because I was up late watching TV (I […]
I happened to be home for two full days, so I swung by local grocery store to purchase some fresh food so I could cook dinner (salmon & quinoa pilaf for those foodies out there). On my way in, I was greeted by a Brownie and a Girl Scout, each asking that lovely spring question: […]
We all have that one friend. You know, the one who finds those really good links and websites and sends them our way. My buddy, Andrew, is definitely that guy for me. He always posts a nice collection of funny, thought-provoking, insightful, timely, and/or creative websites. Yesterday Andrew posted Reknit. From what I could see, […]
I know. The title probably caught your eye. Smoking near a fuel truck? Really? What happened next? Do tell. So right now I’m sitting in the office center of the United Red Carpet Club, waiting for my flight back home to Phoenix. I was just here yesterday. It was one of those quick 24 hour […]
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