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I was back in the Bay Area this weekend, near where I grew up, in order to keynote the California-Nevada-Hawaii District Key Club Convention at the Santa Clara Convention Center. On my way over to present some workshops on Saturday morning, I stopped by a Starbucks near my parents’ house to grab some breakfast. The […]
There was a little bit of noise at my hotel during the daytime this past Friday. I was still able to catch up on some sleep that I missed during my red eye flight out to Greenville, South Carolina. As I took the elevator down to head over to the site where I was going […]
He was staring at me. Okay, it was only for a minute or so, but I was surprised I kept his attention that long. After all, he wasn’t even one (or at least that is what my “baby-dar” was telling me) and this was a pretty exciting aircraft. Some freak out when a baby sits […]
Last night I made dinner for my girlfriend and me. It wasn’t a complex dinner (I’ve made those in the past). Nope, this was a quick trip to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few different items. Dinner was fairly healthy and it tasted good. Still, I didn’t have to think much about it. I […]
On Valentine’s Day, my girlfriend surprised me with two tickets to go see Monty Python’s SPAMALOT out in Mesa, Arizona. I’ve been a huge Monty Python fan ever since my dad first showed me a sketch and my love of their odd style of comedy only grew as I saw more and more films and […]
There is a grocery store near my house called fresh & easy. It’s a new chain, based primarily in Southern California. The store seems to be modeled a bit more after grocery stores in the UK. The store isn’t terribly large. The selection is somewhat limited. The packaging for freshly prepared foods is pretty universal. […]
Late last night I received a text from my older brother to check out this band called Atomic Tom. He also let me know he posted their recent video on his facebook profile. The video consists of the band sitting on a NYC subway and playing their entire song on iPhone apps. You can watch […]
Today, I finally got around to watching Seth Godin’s 2006 talk at the TED Gel Conference. It’s a really great presentation highlighting seven reasons why things are “broken.” Check it out: Seth Godin at Gel 2006 from Gel Conference on Vimeo. The website mentioned in the talk has been changed to the Good Experience Blog. […]
Yesterday I had a great opportunity to do a leadership day at my alma mater, Leigh High School. As I led the students through various activities and discussions, I couldn’t help but also flashback to my days on campus and what “I had done” while I was in their shoes. During one discussion, a thought […]
I’m sitting in Sky Harbor right now, awaiting my flight to San Jose. Like any airport, it’s noisy. The guy next to me is watching a Star Trek DVD in between sending emails and making business calls on his Blackberry. Behind me a lady is chatting away about far too many personal details than she […]
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