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So my building was sold on Friday. My wife and I moved here in May of 2012 and have loved everything about it. But the building was sold to a new apartment management company, and so we have new people in the front office. Normally, this wouldn’t mean anything. I’ve lived in a few different apartment complexes […]
I’ve been on the road quite a bit over the past few weeks (one of the reasons blogs have been lacking as many flights have been delayed), and spent countless hours in airports all across the country. It’s made me think a lot about… …automatic soap. I feel like I just don’t get it, or […]
I’ve seen the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. I know. You’re totally jealous. This took place on Monday. I had just finished speaking at Beloit HS to amazing Kansas StuCo leaders and headed through Cawker City on my way to the next stop in the Kansas tour. The student leaders informed me not to touch […]
So I made a quick run to Starbucks yesterday before my flights to Seattle. I did a fairly standard order for me… Egg Sausage Breakfast Sandwich No Cheese and a Tall Peppermint Mocha. Nothing too fancy. A minor change here and there, but nothing too crazy. The baristas were incredibly nice, and I had my […]
I was back in the Bay Area this weekend, near where I grew up, in order to keynote the California-Nevada-Hawaii District Key Club Convention at the Santa Clara Convention Center. On my way over to present some workshops on Saturday morning, I stopped by a Starbucks near my parents’ house to grab some breakfast. The […]
A week ago, I took my car into the shop for some scheduled maintenance.  Days away from tipping the 100,000 mile mark, the car needed a new timing belt, and I would need a rental car for the day. I rent cars on a regular basis for work, but this time I took the dealer […]
I’ll admit it. This blog entry is going to have a lot of frequent flyer info in it. Trust me, there will be a point to it even if you aren’t on a plane that often. Just walk with me… or perhaps I should say “fly” with me… I travel a lot. It’s the nature […]
So it’s last Thursday. I just finished a fun Link Crew freshmen orientation at Oxnard High School, and I have a little bit of time before my flight back to Phoenix. After a crazy week of travel that has already included a trip within a trip, I decide to spoil myself and head for a […]
So Brett Favre is not retired. Wow. Shocker. I arrived in Minnesota just about the same time he did yesterday and my drive up to Duluth was dominated by “breaking news” sports stories consisting of location of his vehicle in relation to the practice facility. I can’t stand him anymore. I know I have a […]
I was upgraded to First Class on my flight home this past Saturday. It’s happening to me a bit more than normal due to a change in United Airlines policy which now automatically upgrades based on frequent flyer status if there are seats available. I’ll admit I enjoy the upgrades, but I’ll be honest and […]