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So baseball season is back and now in full effect. This makes me happy. I’ll admit that I’ve become a bit of a baseball addict since moving to downtown San Diego. I live blocks away from Petco Park and dove in headfirst to being a Padres fan (even if we tend to be at the […]
Okay, a little honesty to begin the week. I’m not happy with the way I currently look. No, this isn’t going to be some sob story blog entry. I’m just not satisfied with my current physical appearance. My time on the road, my love of some of some of the local San Diego restaurants, and […]
I’ve spent today trying to return to normalcy after an incredible weekend with my family in Pasadena. My cousin, Debbie, married her awesome husband, Jason, in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. It was a wonderful gathering of all of my cousins on my mom’s side, most of their spouses and kids (a few couldn’t make the […]
“To infinity… and beyond!”- Buzz Lightyear It seems to me to be the perfect quote to describe Steve Jobs. Without him, there would be no Buzz Lightyear. Without him, I wouldn’t be typing this blog up as easily on my MacBook Pro with iTunes playing in the background. You may call it sentimental, but there […]
If you’ve read the news today, you know that Netflix messed up. They are being largely ridiculed on a variety of social media platforms and even on their own blog. If you haven’t followed Netflix in the past few months, here is the basic breakdown. After years of having a simple streaming/DVD package, Netflix elected […]
I’ll admit it. This blog entry is going to have a lot of frequent flyer info in it. Trust me, there will be a point to it even if you aren’t on a plane that often. Just walk with me… or perhaps I should say “fly” with me… I travel a lot. It’s the nature […]
I spent Labor Day weekend at Disneyland. It was a last second trip (I decided I’d go a week ago) to surprise some of my cousins as they ran the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon. My brother joined me for the weekend, making it a hilariously fun weekend with family. We spent a great deal of time […]
The other day I’m going through my mail. It’s the standard: bills, ASU Alumni magazine, coupons for the store… …and a special mailing from Bath & Body Works talking about their new DARK KISS line to help me seduce “him?” It’s addressed to me, Patrick Maurer. First, I’m not a gay man. Still, I’m basically […]
Last week I had the chance to present at an overnight leadership retreat at Bishop Manogue Catholic High School in Reno, Nevada. I’ve been super spoiled with my student audiences and this group was no different. Really fun. Really committed.¬†While I’m doing several leadership and trainings for ASBs this year, this was my only overnight […]
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start It’s known as The Code. If you owned the original Nintendo, you knew it. You may not own the game Contra, but you knew The Code. My cousin taught it to me. At first I didn’t believe him. How could a series of buttons […]
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