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Yes, it’s true. I finally made an internet cat video. Sure there are a few funny cat moments for all those cat lovers out there, but mainly just one quick thought about how we approach new opportunities and relationships. Enjoy (and please share)
Last Thursday I sat down at my local AMC and watched Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helen Bonham Carter in The King’s Speech. If you haven’t at least seen the trailer for this film, based on the true story of King George VI and his “quest to find his voice,” take a moment to watch […]
I’ve been trying to write this blog for days. I’m still not quite sure how or if I’ll ever be satisfied by it. Quite simply, I’m upset. I’ve been reading the news over the past few weeks, especially this week, and I’m shocked and saddened by the wave of suicides linked to bullying of homosexuals. […]
Last week I had the chance to present at an overnight leadership retreat at Bishop Manogue Catholic High School in Reno, Nevada. I’ve been super spoiled with my student audiences and this group was no different. Really fun. Really committed.¬†While I’m doing several leadership and trainings for ASBs this year, this was my only overnight […]
Yesterday, I saw Nike’s new advertisement for the 2010 World Cup. You can watch it here: I really like the ad, especially the Wayne Rooney section where he pictures his life defined by a bad play and makes the decision to change it. I’ve been thinking a lot about our life stories or our personal […]
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start It’s known as The Code. If you owned the original Nintendo, you knew it. You may not own the game Contra, but you knew The Code. My cousin taught it to me. At first I didn’t believe him. How could a series of buttons […]
So the Fiesta Bowl takes place literally just down the road from my house. I’ve been ambitious before and just walked the four miles to the stadiums’ front door, but normally I take the 5 minute drive. It’s a weird experience to watch a nationally televised game that is so close to home. During these […]
I spent this past weekend at the Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within event just outside Chicago. The four day event focused on transforming oneself into a more fully realized person. I know that most people have a negative association with Tony, built up after years of seeing him on late-night informercials. I’ll admit I […]
So baseball playoffs are going on right now. It’s been quite some time since that really made me excited; the strike affected a lot of my feelings as a fan and my childhood love of the game. I still attend games from time to time, but I no longer follow the sport on a day […]
I finally saw (500) Days of Summer this past week. The film is absolutely incredible and the soundtrack is phenomenal also. I downloaded from iTunes on Wednesday and listened to it twice on my drive from Duluth to the airport yesterday. The soundtrack features two songs from The Smiths: There Is a Light That Never […]
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