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So I had to establish an online account today for my business and found myself in the familiar spot of filling out username, password, and setting up a few security questions with answers in the event that I forget my username and password. It took me quite some time to figure out my security questions, […]
So you saw it too, right? 34 minutes of a blackout. Yep. 34 minutes. As every sports story mentioned today, it looked as if it was (almost) exactly what the 49ers needed. As a childhood fan, it was exciting to see them almost come back from the brink like they had done so many times […]
I was tired this morning. Really tired. I just enjoyed a great weekend in Arizona with my fiancé as we celebrated the wedding of one of her childhood friends. We had fun. But, I was tired when I woke up. You know that type of tired. The one where you start getting ready and as you […]
Yesterday I was sitting in front of my computer, reading some articles and facebook status updates. One of my friends posted: I just went to a Starbucks and all ten tables were taken up by single people with laptops. Wow. What happened to sitting and enjoying your coffee with a friend like we used to […]
Since my speaking schedule has slowed down for the holidays, I’m spending most of December in California visiting family, friends, and my girlfriend (who relocated to San Diego in June). I recognized that while I did better this year, my fall fitness was once again lacking–it remains tough to do with the hotel gym schedule […]
I just spent a great weekend in New York City with my girlfriend. The weather was perfect, changing leaves still clung to trees, and we had a really great time. In addition to seeing a Broadway show, doing some shopping, and eating at an amazing NYC restaurant (where my girlfriend’s brother happens to be the […]
Work brought me to the East Coast recently allowing me a brief visit with my cousins in Pennsylvania. Their seven-year-old son, Jack, graciously gave up his room for the night, providing me a place to stay. There is just no other way to say it. It was pretty cool. I was surrounded by everything that […]
I’m spending most of my nights in hotels again as my fall speaking season hits its stride. I’m back in a property I’ve praised in the past about its incredible service. Sadly, today things weren’t quite the same. No, this isn’t a rant blog–seriously, keep reading (I’ve purposefully left the hotel’s name out of it). […]
I spent this past Saturday night, sitting in my cousins’ backyard, alongside my girlfriend and my brother, as we awaited an outdoor viewing of The Princess Bride. We had a fire going in their fire pit, ready to await our collection of marshmallows, chocolate squares, and graham crackers. Yep, it was S’Mores Time. I seriously […]
So I’ve been taking care of my girlfriend’s cat for the past month since my girlfriend moved to San Diego for a new job. Although my sleep has been dramatically reduced (the cat is a big fan of the morning wakeup), it has been nice having a pet around during my slower season. I’m definitely […]