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Hey all. So I’m getting closer to being done unpacking. My apologies for the lack of blogs this week. I’ve been trying to get my new office set-up in San Diego and begin the legal process of moving my business out here. Blogs should start appearing more in the coming days. For now, here is […]
I’m just about to head out to see the Avengers, but before I do, I wanted to post the Friday Finish for this week. Posts by Patrick When Things Go Badly… Suicide Resources (a brief response to the Junior Seau tragedy) Posts by Others The Frontloading Crisis by Scott Ginsberg Reconsidering decisions by Seth Godin […]
I’m just about to head out for a date night with my fiancé, but before I do I wanted to do a quick posting of Friday Finish. As always, here are the blogs that I wrote this week as well as some great entries from people I follow. I want to do a special highlight […]
So I’m sitting in a hotel room getting ready for an evening keynote at workshop. I do love this time of year when I get the chance to present to so many youth leaders–thanks for allowing me the chance to have this as my job. As you get ready to celebrate this weekend, take a […]
Yes, I know it’s another Saturday posting of Friday Finish. I spent most of yesterday at the 2012 California-Nevada-Hawaii Key Club District Convention. It was 15 years to the day that I got elected Governor of that great district and my life forever changed. I’ll definitely post a blog about the experience next week. In […]
So I’m back in San Diego to see my fiancé. I’m sorry that my drive out here yesterday prevented me from posting the Friday Finish. I posted a few different blog entries this week including a repost of a 2007 entry I wrote right after I had the chance to work with Thomas Kinkade (his […]
Sorry, this Friday Finish is a day late. I enjoyed speaking to a great audience of Phi Beta Lambda students in Pennsylvania, but the hotel internet was pretty spotty. I’m sitting at the Washington Dulles airport awaiting my flight home after a great week of working with awesome students. This week was a bit surreal […]
“May the odds ever be in your favor!” Yes, I just got back from a matinee screening of The Hunger Games. It’s good. I think you’ll like it (assuming you didn’t already watch a midnight screening last night). If you’re standing in line, perhaps you can check out these blog entries on your phone. I […]
It’s Friday! I’m sitting in my hotel room in Greenville, South Carolina after keynoting the opening session of the South Carolina Association of Student Councils Convention–super fun! I hope you all have plans for a fun St. Patrick’s day weekend (yes, I will be wearing green for my workshops tomorrow and flight back to San […]
Hey there! It’s another Friday, and I’m pretty excited–I hope you are as well. I’m sitting in the airport awaiting a trip to San Diego to see my fiancé. I hear the weather is going to be great there this weekend, so I’m looking forward to some hiking and Sunday brunch with friends. I do […]