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Since my speaking schedule has slowed down for the holidays, I’m spending most of December in California visiting family, friends, and my girlfriend (who relocated to San Diego in June). I recognized that while I did better this year, my fall fitness was once again lacking–it remains tough to do with the hotel gym schedule […]
“We could go to Tricks?” Dave offered up. After having a successful meeting discussing aspects of Homecoming for our Alumni chapter, we thought it was time to relax and catch up over a good dinner. “Nah, they’re closed.” “What?” “Yeah, saw their sign. It’s their annual summer break.” Just before the meeting I made a […]
I didn’t run the 2009 Disneyland 1/2 Marathon. It’s true. After making it my goal back in late April, I didn’t cross the starting line at 6am. It’s one of the first times I’ve not accomplished a goal–especially one I shared so publicly, but there is a reason. I wouldn’t have actually reached my goal. […]
So this week was all about people. I spent the weekend in southern California with family. My cousins were awesome. Every night they’d say, “Let’s go to the gym.” It’s always nice to workout with someone else. I made it to the gym five times (had two full day drives) this week! I was also […]
A few years ago, I worked at a leadership conference in Santa Barbara. I was standing at the on the beach with a few people, and someone asked me what direction I was facing. Having grown up in California, I felt pretty confident that if I was on a beach, and I was directly facing […]
My favorite excuses: I’ll get to it later today. I just need some food in me. I really need a nap first. The day is just too busy. I’ll make up for it tomorrow. The gym is about to close. I fell to a few of these this week. Out of the seven days, I […]
So I feel like I’m in Disneyland circa 1993. The park is cool. I’m excited to be there. I see some of my familiar favorites, but there is no FastPass, and I’m stuck in line for Peter Pan. I love the Peter Pan ride. It is the very first ride I remember riding at Disneyland, […]