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I’ve been on the road quite a bit over the past few weeks (one of the reasons blogs have been lacking as many flights have been delayed), and spent countless hours in airports all across the country. It’s made me think a lot about… …automatic soap. I feel like I just don’t get it, or […]
So fall is the time where I spend most of my days on the road and in hotels. Other than the difficulty in maintaining a regular fitness program, I’m pretty used to the travel at this point. Still, I do have my complaints. My biggest? The lack of electrical outlets. There are far too many […]
I was back in the Bay Area this weekend, near where I grew up, in order to keynote the California-Nevada-Hawaii District Key Club Convention at the Santa Clara Convention Center. On my way over to present some workshops on Saturday morning, I stopped by a Starbucks near my parents’ house to grab some breakfast. The […]
“Is there anything we could have done better?” The question caught me off guard. I normally just get the “how-was-your-rental” question when I return my car, but this particular National Rental Car employee was really serious. I thought about her question for a minute and I mentioned the difficulty in finding gas now that the […]
He was staring at me. Okay, it was only for a minute or so, but I was surprised I kept his attention that long. After all, he wasn’t even one (or at least that is what my “baby-dar” was telling me) and this was a pretty exciting aircraft. Some freak out when a baby sits […]
On my trip to Milwaukee this past Sunday, I became one of hundreds of passengers delayed in the Houston Airport. After another overly ambitious announcement from the airline about an earlier departure, it became evident the wait would be a longer. I headed to the men’s room nearest the gate to see this sign on […]
“To infinity… and beyond!”- Buzz Lightyear It seems to me to be the perfect quote to describe Steve Jobs. Without him, there would be no Buzz Lightyear. Without him, I wouldn’t be typing this blog up as easily on my MacBook Pro with iTunes playing in the background. You may call it sentimental, but there […]
Last night I made dinner for my girlfriend and me. It wasn’t a complex dinner (I’ve made those in the past). Nope, this was a quick trip to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few different items. Dinner was fairly healthy and it tasted good. Still, I didn’t have to think much about it. I […]
I had about an hour before my speech and thought it might be a good time to use the restroom. I went downstairs, past the men’s dressing room in the theatre, and entered the restroom. I took a quick peak into a stall, and was quite surprised by what a saw. Two toilets. One stall. […]
It’s May now and we’re in the middle of election season for many student organizations. Some have already completed them. Some are just beginning. A common refrain I hear this time of year is the “outsider” who one and “wasn’t part of the group” last year. Often times that outsider was an upset over a […]