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I’m going to admit it: I like to eat toast for breakfast. I know I’m suppose to be anti-carbs and super clean with my eating, but if I happen to be home, my favorite breakfast to make is two eggs, toast, bacon, and a mocha. I love it–simple to make and super tasty to eat. […]
Yesterday I was sitting in front of my computer, reading some articles and facebook status updates. One of my friends posted: I just went to a Starbucks and all ten tables were taken up by single people with laptops. Wow. What happened to sitting and enjoying your coffee with a friend like we used to […]
I just spent a great weekend in New York City with my girlfriend. The weather was perfect, changing leaves still clung to trees, and we had a really great time. In addition to seeing a Broadway show, doing some shopping, and eating at an amazing NYC restaurant (where my girlfriend’s brother happens to be the […]
So I got back to my hotel just before midnight last night and had to catch a 6am flight out of Montana this morning. I quickly powered up my new iPhone 4s and asked Siri, the mobile assistant, to set an early morning an alarm. Her reply: I’ve set an alarm for 4:15 am. Don’t […]
He was staring at me. Okay, it was only for a minute or so, but I was surprised I kept his attention that long. After all, he wasn’t even one (or at least that is what my “baby-dar” was telling me) and this was a pretty exciting aircraft. Some freak out when a baby sits […]
I’m spending most of my nights in hotels again as my fall speaking season hits its stride. I’m back in a property I’ve praised in the past about its incredible service. Sadly, today things weren’t quite the same. No, this isn’t a rant blog–seriously, keep reading (I’ve purposefully left the hotel’s name out of it). […]
I was sitting in the waiting room of the dentist’s office today. Across from me, a boy probably about 4 or 5 played with his action figures. He had one of the characters help someone. His mom quickly told him, “He can’t be a hero–he’s the bad guy.” I thought about saying something, and I’m […]
I’m spending the week in southern California, speaking at several middle schools in the area. This week is made even better by the location of the schools, just a short drive from my cousin’s house. It’s nice to finish a day of work and be able to pop over and visit with some of my […]
If you want to quickly become one of my good friends, invite me to go out for brunch. Seriously, I think it is one of the most overlooked meals, and yet it’s my favorite meal to share with friends. I’m not talking breakfast (don’t get me wrong—I like that meal as well), but it’s all […]
I went out to dinner last night, grabbing a bite to eat near my current speaking site. As I pulled into the parking lot, I couldn’t believe what I saw. While there appeared to be many spaces, a lot of them could not actually be used simply because so many drivers had parked on the […]
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