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So I got back to my hotel just before midnight last night and had to catch a 6am flight out of Montana this morning. I quickly powered up my new iPhone 4s and asked Siri, the mobile assistant, to set an early morning an alarm. Her reply: I’ve set an alarm for 4:15 am. Don’t […]
If you read Entertainment Weekly or follow TVLine, you’re aware that this week we experience television upfronts. Network executives will be pitching their new fall schedules to advertisers. In the past few days, you may have read about the numerous shows cancelled, those barely renewed, and a long list of new pilots that have been […]
This past Friday, I received an email from TOMS shoes. The subject: No Longer Just Shoes. It went on to say that “The next chapter of One for One is coming. June 7th 2011.” I’ve been of a fan of TOMS shoes for quite sometime, so I definitely clicked on the embedded video. TOMS: The […]
There is no denying the presence of facebook these days. It’s become a part of our daily life. Many get their breaking news from it, share birthday greetings via it, and engage with friends and colleagues through it. Quite simply, it is a medium we must use now to communicate with our memberships and our […]
You may have already seen them around. A strange series of black and white boxes arranged on a grid. They appear in some magazines, on a few billboards, and even on that kiosk at the mall. But what are they? QR CODES A “Quick Response Code” is a matrix barcode, initially created in Japan in […]
I saw a link appear in my facebook newsfeed today. This morning, USA Today published an article called “‘Glee’ has lost its voice in all the chaos.” Sadly, I found myself agreeing with almost every aspect of the article. What was once my favorite new show on television is quickly becoming something I endure, hoping […]
My house in Arizona is on the far west side of Phoenix, almost Glendale. The surrounding sports facilities really contributed to my purchase. It’s less than four miles from my front door to the entrance of the University of Phoenix Stadium, the home field of the Arizona Cardinals, the location of the Fiesta Bowl, and […]