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Yesterday, I did my first Question & Answer post based off one question I received at a leadership conference last month. I’ll continue answering questions from that batch and more. Feel free to email me questions at any time. Question: How do you stay positive?/What are some good ways to keep motivation? Answer: First, I […]
Work brought me to the East Coast recently allowing me a brief visit with my cousins in Pennsylvania. Their seven-year-old son, Jack, graciously gave up his room for the night, providing me a place to stay. There is just no other way to say it. It was pretty cool. I was surrounded by everything that […]
Don’t worry. I’ll keep out of a lot of the politics currently taking place over the complexity of the situation in Libya. I have my own personal viewpoints, but I won’t use today’s blog to post them. Rather, I wanted to address an interesting point made in the March 29th episode of The Daily Show. […]
Last month I added the 30 Seconds to Mars This Is War album to my iTunes regular rotation. I purchased the tracks after listening to Kings & Queens in the trailers for several films. It remains my favorite song on the album, but I’ve quickly found a strong love for Vox Populi. The title is […]
On Saturday I attended the preseason game of the Arizona Cardinals vs. the Houston Texans. My group of friends had great seats–just eight rows back from the action. We went to see the game and also to support my friend’s girlfriend who is in her second year of cheering for the Cardinals. Since she is […]
I just drove from my home in Phoenix to my parents’ house in Northern California. I’m using it as a home base for the next few weeks as I visit with friends in the area, take a trip to New York, do some speaking out here, and celebrate my sister’s wedding. It should be a […]
On Saturday I watched the popular new film, KICK-ASS. I’ll admit I enjoyed the dark humor and even the over-the-top violent nature (hey, sometimes you just want to be entertained). Still, as I watched it, I found myself thinking about the two different types of heroes. The title character sets up a myspace page and […]
Today was my first real day home in over a week. I spent the day running a bunch of errands, driving my car from place to place, listening to the radio along the way. On the return leg to my house, one of my favorite songs from 2008 came on: Flobots Handlebars I’ve included the […]
So I shoveled snow for the first time in my life today. I know some of you who grew up in the midwest and northeast are perhaps a bit angry at me, but it’s the truth. I grew up in California and now live in Arizona. While I’ve been to the snow, I’ve never had […]