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“Is there anything we could have done better?” The question caught me off guard. I normally just get the “how-was-your-rental” question when I return my car, but this particular National Rental Car employee was really serious. I thought about her question for a minute and I mentioned the difficulty in finding gas now that the […]
There was a little bit of noise at my hotel during the daytime this past Friday. I was still able to catch up on some sleep that I missed during my red eye flight out to Greenville, South Carolina. As I took the elevator down to head over to the site where I was going […]
I’m in Reno, Nevada for the next few days attending the California Association of Directors of Activities Annual Convention. It’s a great gathering of some of my favorite people I see throughout the year including many of my friends from outside California. The convention takes place at the Grand Sierra Resort, just a short shuttle […]
Yesterday I was sitting in front of my computer, reading some articles and facebook status updates. One of my friends posted: I just went to a Starbucks and all ten tables were taken up by single people with laptops. Wow. What happened to sitting and enjoying your coffee with a friend like we used to […]
My last few weeks of travel have been visually amazing. I’ve enjoyed the fall colors present in West Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington, Ohio, and Montana. As I flew out of Seattle today and saw the beautiful Pacific Northwest below me, I couldn’t help being amazed by the kaleidoscope of colors below. The reds. The yellows. […]
On my trip to Milwaukee this past Sunday, I became one of hundreds of passengers delayed in the Houston Airport. After another overly ambitious announcement from the airline about an earlier departure, it became evident the wait would be a longer. I headed to the men’s room nearest the gate to see this sign on […]
On Saturday night, my girlfriend and I met up with several friends on Ocean Beach in San Diego. We thought it’d be fun to have a nice bonfire on the beach, cook some dinner, and enjoy some nice conversation. My girlfriend and I brought the bulk on the supplies: two big bunches of firewood, matches, […]
My mom sent me a quick email yesterday. She was talking with one of her elementary school students who was really upset that she had lost the student council election. My mom briefly told the girl about me and asked if I might be able to pop by campus next time I’m in town. You […]
Yes, it’s true. I finally made an internet cat video. Sure there are a few funny cat moments for all those cat lovers out there, but mainly just one quick thought about how we approach new opportunities and relationships. Enjoy (and please share)
Late last night I received a text from my older brother to check out this band called Atomic Tom. He also let me know he posted their recent video on his facebook profile. The video consists of the band sitting on a NYC subway and playing their entire song on iPhone apps. You can watch […]