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I missed the closing ceremonies of the Olympics last night. I was traveling to my speaking engagement today and wasn’t able to get in front of a TV set in time, but I did love reading about them. Sounds like it was the best closing ceremonies to date. And now we have today… …and the […]
So I made a quick run to Starbucks yesterday before my flights to Seattle. I did a fairly standard order for me… Egg Sausage Breakfast Sandwich No Cheese and a Tall Peppermint Mocha. Nothing too fancy. A minor change here and there, but nothing too crazy. The baristas were incredibly nice, and I had my […]
As I cleaned today, I watched an on demand presentation of Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America. It was the big finale, and so the final two contestants were pulling out all of their stops to wow the judges. One of the contestants made squab. That’s right, cooked pigeon. To wow the judges, he cooked […]
I’m a big fan of the television show, Community. I’ll admit I waited to hear the buzz from season 1 before I started viewing the DVDs and watching season 2 in real time, but I’m so glad that I did. I don’t think there is anything else like it on TV. It’s consistently creative in […]
I’m composing this message in the San Jose airport, awaiting my flight home to Phoenix. I spoke to some awesome high school students at a few assemblies today in Ceres, California. Since I was going to need to fly into San Jose anyways, and it happened to be my mom’s birthday yesterday, I decided to […]
Today was going to be my day to sleep. Not forever, just until late into the morning. I’ve enjoyed the past few weeks, but I’ve honestly been working or doing major activities ever since August 22nd. My days at home have been packed with morning meetings or events, and my weekends have been filled with […]
So my garage is clean. Really clean. I had some free time earlier this week and I clean the entire thing. I dumped out any box of items, cleared out old drawers, went through cabinets, swept and mopped the entire thing, and even purchased some new storage cabinets and tool racks. Now all of my […]
I’m sitting in my hotel room in Rockford, IL counting down my departure to a friend’s wedding. I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in this morning (although I technically woke up about the same time in California), but nonetheless, it is nice when the clock says it’s 10am and you are just rolling out of bed. As […]