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On my drive to the airport today, I listened to a comedian talk about Musical Chairs. You know, that popular childhood game where you fought for the right to sit down. Her joke was that every American invention (car, airplane, etc) was just a variation on the chair. It got me thinking… Why are we […]
So I just finished my last business trip of the year and also requalified for my 1K status on United in the process. This year was unique as I qualified via segments (over 120 flights) and miles (over 100,000) flown since January. For me, it’s a good thing as my higher status on the airline […]
My last few weeks of travel have been visually amazing. I’ve enjoyed the fall colors present in West Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington, Ohio, and Montana. As I flew out of Seattle today and saw the beautiful Pacific Northwest below me, I couldn’t help being amazed by the kaleidoscope of colors below. The reds. The yellows. […]
On Saturday night, my girlfriend and I met up with several friends on Ocean Beach in San Diego. We thought it’d be fun to have a nice bonfire on the beach, cook some dinner, and enjoy some nice conversation. My girlfriend and I brought the bulk on the supplies: two big bunches of firewood, matches, […]
10 years ago today, our world changed. The day has affected so many aspects of my life. While I did not personally lose a friend in the attacks or in the wars that followed, I have many friends who experienced great personal loss from a friend or family member in the Towers, in the Pentagon, […]
So I’m in the middle of my spring speaking season, and I love it. The students are awesome and each conference or campus brings something different to the table. I really privileged in my line of work that most people share with me what they appreciated about my day at work. Students often share what […]
Don’t worry. I’ll keep out of a lot of the politics currently taking place over the complexity of the situation in Libya. I have my own personal viewpoints, but I won’t use today’s blog to post them. Rather, I wanted to address an interesting point made in the March 29th episode of The Daily Show. […]
Okay, I know a bunch of you are furious. How couldn’t I like the Britney Spears episode? It’s GLEE. It’s Britney Spears? What else could I want? Simple. I wanted substance. Don’t get me wrong. The musical numbers were entertaining. Heather Morris proved herself to be an incredibly talented member of the cast. I still […]
Last month I added the 30 Seconds to Mars This Is War album to my iTunes regular rotation. I purchased the tracks after listening to Kings & Queens in the trailers for several films. It remains my favorite song on the album, but I’ve quickly found a strong love for Vox Populi. The title is […]
A week and a half ago, I had the chance to grab dinner with my buddy, Andrew. He had just returned from six months of service in Afghanistan with the Air Force. We sat around with a group of friends sharing a bunch of stories–Andrew talking about some of the scary moments from serving abroad […]
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