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I present my Active Appreciation workshop in a variety of settings, and so sometimes I race through the examples. I wanted to share a few of them up close in a blog and explain the WHY they are important. While all of these are Thank You notes written to me, I share them not to […]
Here are links to everything I talked about, tweeted about, during the CADA Convention in San Diego. Thanks to all the educators who attended my sessions. If you’d like me to come to your schools, to speak to your students and/or doing a teambuidling or training with them, please let me know! Cut & Paste: […]
Here are some handouts from my workshops from the FBLA NLC. Even if you weren’t there, I’d encourage you to check them out if you haven’t yet. Active Appreciation (focusing on appreciation/recognition programs) Connecting Communication: Interpersonal (communication strategies for relationships as well as a section on conflict and managerial models. NOT PRESENTED at NLC, but […]
Today’s blog will be brief. I’m in San Diego for my last visit before my move here in 10 days. I’ve been running errands, preparing for the move, and stopping for a quick lunch or Starbucks here and there. The mood in San Diego is pretty somber right now. Junior Seau’s suicide has brought incredible […]
Here are the workshop handouts for my presentations at the Cali-Nev-Ha Key Club District Convention this weekend. Even if you weren’t at the event, you may really like some of the content from of the topics. Please let me know if you have any questions. Active Appreciation (focusing on appreciation/recognition programs) Save Our Service (strategies […]
Collaboration is important in leadership. This goes without saying. It’s one of the reasons why we meet in person to discuss ideas. Unfortunately, for some organizations, meeting in person can be difficult due to schedules or geography. Virtual meetings are becoming more and more popular. There are elaborate set-ups like the Cisco TelePresence and more at-home […]
Just over a month ago, I read a great blog post about Evernote by my friend, Matthew Soeth. I’d highly recommend reading his entry as he highlights the variety of ways that he uses the program in his classroom, his leadership class, as well as in his personal life. I decided to give Evernote a […]
So here is another edition of Friday finish, a reposting of my blog entries from the week as well as some great entries by other authors. Enjoy! Posts by Patrick Revelation During the Elevation Brad Bird Posts by Others 6 Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make by Amy-Mae Elliott Hard Work vs. Long Work by […]
Here is the fourth installment of Friday Finish, a new post for my blog highlighting my posts for the week and some other great blog entries by other authors. Videos finally returned this week! Thank you for your patience! Posts by Patrick Toolbox: The Launch This Train is Bound for Glory Consider This:: 006 Toilet […]
Here is the third installment of Friday Finish, a new post for my blog highlighting my posts for the week and some other great blog entries by other authors. Videos will soon be returning to my site next week as I won’t have to deal with the hotel internet upload speed problem. Thank you for […]
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