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I can’t believe it has been it’s been fifteen years. A lot has happened since then. Some good. Some bad. Some joy. Some sorrow. Still, my memory of that horrible day–when so many innocent people died and our world was forever changed–isn’t all bad. No, even with all of that darkness, there is a small piece […]
My cable company sent me yet another piece of mail. About once a week I get an email or a piece of mail from them encouraging me to use the phone service. Yes, the cost is minimal, but I don’t need it, nor do I want it. To be perfectly honest, I’d almost rather not […]
So I spent part of last night registering for wedding gifts with my fiancee, Jessica. We’re still far from done (amazing that it takes this long to ask for a bunch of STUFF), but we were pretty productive. Even though our local Macy’s had appetizers, small desserts, and some beverages at the special registration event, […]
“Is that a T-R-I-A-N-G-L-E?” The phrase was familiar. We did some variation of it for years. Yep, my brother and I teased our younger sister, Jane. The reason? She failed the shapes portion of kindergarten on one report card and we found that to just be hilarious. It wasn’t until about five years ago or […]
I’m in Reno, Nevada for the next few days attending the California Association of Directors of Activities Annual Convention. It’s a great gathering of some of my favorite people I see throughout the year including many of my friends from outside California. The convention takes place at the Grand Sierra Resort, just a short shuttle […]
When I was 18, I spoke at a Key Club event on Honolulu. I remained on the island for a few more days, doing a variety of tourist activities. On one of the days, we ventured to Pearl Harbor and out to the Arizona Memorial. I remember it being a beautiful day. I remember really […]
Just over a week ago, before my speaking engagement in New York, I had the chance to see a good friend of mine present the Advent Conspiracy to his church. Wait–did I just say “church” and Advent “Conspiracy?” Yes, I did. Keep on reading, even if you are one of my many non-Christian readers. And […]
A week ago, I took my car into the shop for some scheduled maintenance.  Days away from tipping the 100,000 mile mark, the car needed a new timing belt, and I would need a rental car for the day. I rent cars on a regular basis for work, but this time I took the dealer […]
I caught the last quarter of the Lakers-Mavericks game yesterday. I tuned in just in time to watch the flagrant fouls by Bynum and Odom which resulted in their ejection from the game. It made me sad, especially for Phil Jackson. Many argue that he is the best coach in the history of NBA, and […]
I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the biggest baseball fan anymore. The 1994-1995 strike killed most of my enthusiasm for the game. While I’ll still go to a game from time to time, and I definitely enjoy a pick-up game with friends, I no longer read the daily paper, observing the status of my favorite […]