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Okay, so this week and last week go hand in hand. While last week was about Communication and connecting through questions, this week just takes it one step forward. Assignment #1 Appreciate your relationships. We did gratitude a few weeks ago. This week is all about making it come to life. Invite a friend, relative, […]
So it’s week five. Sorry there still is no video from me. I’m starting to feel better, but still have a bit of a cough that makes talking in video form a little tough. I’m aiming to finish strong with a video next week. We’re hitting the closing stages of Summer School. Ideally, you’re doing […]
After some crazy weeks (and I do hope you’re still doing some of the things from the past week–I fought a cold this week, so I was slightly derailed from some of the fitness stuff, but I’m getting back on track now), I think you’ll really enjoy the next two weeks. I think they both […]
Okay, so you should still be drinking water, turning off those electronics, working out, and focusing on gratitude. Now we get to this week. It’ll probably be your least favorite week out of the whole bunch, but it is totally necessary and will help you focus on other (more important) things down the road. The […]
I’m really excited about this week. It’s probably my favorite week out of the whole State section (although the other weeks are also awesome). First, are you still drinking water and turning off your electronics? Are you working out? Have you signed up for the President’s Challenge with me (trust me, it’s great and really […]
Okay, here it is. This is the State assignment that will take up the most time. It’s why we had you start drinking more water and focusing on your sleep patterns last week.¬†Ideally, you’ll continue doing it not only this week, not only during Summer School, but really for the rest of your life. You […]
Welcome back to your second week. I hope you survived week #1. Here are the links to all of the assignments this week. State: Fitness Mind: Drive Technology: Getting in Sync You can always keep up-to-date on all assignments at the main Summer School page. Bookmark it and visit every Monday morning. Assignments should be […]
Summer School 2011. No this isn’t about grades. You can choose which “assignments” you’ll do, and when to start or begin. Discussions will be taking place live on my facebook page, but it’s okay if you need to take a week off for a family vacation or even if you begin a week or two […]
Okay, let’s be honest. Our mood affects our energy. Our energy can affect our mood. All of this affects what we end up doing with our days. So now it’s time for us to take a proactive approach to these things. Yes, there will be elements outside our control, but there are still many things […]
Yep, I’ve been hyping it for the past few days. I hope you’ll join me. Here is the announcement. Want to join me? Check out the details here.