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Here’s the last week of Summer School 2011. You can finish strong. Do it. State: Relationships Mind: Blogs Technology: Infostripe & QR Codes You can always keep up-to-date on all assignments at the main Summer School page. Bookmark it and visit every Monday morning. Assignments should be updated by Sunday night.
Okay, so this week and last week go hand in hand. While last week was about Communication and connecting through questions, this week just takes it one step forward. Assignment #1 Appreciate your relationships. We did gratitude a few weeks ago. This week is all about making it come to life. Invite a friend, relative, […]
Okay, this so here is the last week of technology. Depending on where you are at with some of the previous assignments, you’ll either dive into this week, or just bookmark or Evernote this entry for later use. Assignment #1 Set up an infostripe account. Infostripe is currently in beta-form, but is a great concept. […]
Okay, it’s the 6th and final week of Summer School 2011. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink. Now, we’re switching gears, and trying to keep our minds active year round. You have one assignment this week. Assignment #1 Subscribe to some blogs. It’s important that we […]
So it’s week five. Sorry there still is no video from me. I’m starting to feel better, but still have a bit of a cough that makes talking in video form a little tough. I’m aiming to finish strong with a video next week. We’re hitting the closing stages of Summer School. Ideally, you’re doing […]
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink and gained some great ideas, now it’s time to share them. Assignment #1 Discuss Drive. We’ve been reading the book for a few weeks. Now, I’d like us to spend some time answering the discussion questions at the end of […]
Okay, this week is a bit of a potpourri week in terms of technology. Depending on your current technology setup, you may or may not be able to do some of these tech assignments. Assignment #1 Set-up a Google+ account, or design your “Circles”. Some have praised the ability to start over in social media […]
After some crazy weeks (and I do hope you’re still doing some of the things from the past week–I fought a cold this week, so I was slightly derailed from some of the fitness stuff, but I’m getting back on track now), I think you’ll really enjoy the next two weeks. I think they both […]
So it’s week four. I hope things are still going well for you. I’m sorry that there isn’t a video preview for this week. I had a wonderful weekend, celebrating my friends’ wedding, but came home to quickly get a pretty bad cold, and I don’t think you’d want to watch that. It’s made my […]
I hope you’ve enjoyed Part One & Part Two in Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink. I’m glad I spent time rereading it and getting ideas I missed the first time. This week is a good catch-up week for those that started later and a good reinforcement week for those that […]