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So apparently tonight is the official start of May Sweeps. You know what that means… some tv show you’re watching is about to have a wedding, a pregnancy, a death, and/or some other cliffhanger that is designed to keep up guessing until next fall, all with the hopes of increasing ratings and ad revenues for the […]
I’m a big fan of the television show, Community. I’ll admit I waited to hear the buzz from season 1 before I started viewing the DVDs and watching season 2 in real time, but I’m so glad that I did. I don’t think there is anything else like it on TV. It’s consistently creative in […]
If you read Entertainment Weekly or follow TVLine, you’re aware that this week we experience television upfronts. Network executives will be pitching their new fall schedules to advertisers. In the past few days, you may have read about the numerous shows cancelled, those barely renewed, and a long list of new pilots that have been […]
So I’m a big fan of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I catch it when I can while traveling and try to make a point to DVR a few episodes if I’m home for a few days. While I definitely enjoy the satire present in the first half of the show, my favorite part […]
I was pretty busy this past Saturday morning, running around and accomplishing several errands. I was even begin to prepare a blog about the whole Southwest Airlines customer service mistake (I’ll write about that later this week), but then I turned on facebook and started to read news reports about a horrible tragedy that took […]
After hearing some positive recommendations from friends, I started catching up on the show How I Met Your Mother during my travels. Just the other day, I watched an episode from season 3 entitled No Tomorrow in which the main character, Ted, meets his friend Barney at a bar on St. Patrick’s Day and vows […]
If we’ve ever had a conversation, you probably know about my love of entertainment. I’m a huge fan of movies and good television shows. I appreciate most film genres (major exception would be Horror as I’m easily scared) and watch a variety of television programs, although I will admit that I limit my viewings of […]
I stepped into the theatre just eight minutes before show time, having made a wrong turn on my drive there. I ended up sitting on the aisle, not my favorite spot, but at that moment I was happy to find a seat. I honestly didn’t expect it to be that packed. I thought I’d show […]