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This summer my wife and I spent just over two glorious weeks in Spain. In addition to experiencing the rich Spanish culture and history, as well as dedicated time with my wife, I found myself reminded at times of important life lessons. This short blog series will focus on the five lessons that jumped out […]
I’ll admit it. This blog entry is going to have a lot of frequent flyer info in it. Trust me, there will be a point to it even if you aren’t on a plane that often. Just walk with me… or perhaps I should say “fly” with me… I travel a lot. It’s the nature […]
I pride myself on my travel procedures and routines. I use software to help me organize all of my different trips. I have a section of my wallet dedicated to my frequent traveler cards, even limiting the number of brands I use to maximize points. I can pack in a matter of minutes, a skill […]
I just drove from my home in Phoenix to my parents’ house in Northern California. I’m using it as a home base for the next few weeks as I visit with friends in the area, take a trip to New York, do some speaking out here, and celebrate my sister’s wedding. It should be a […]
I was upgraded to First Class on my flight home this past Saturday. It’s happening to me a bit more than normal due to a change in United Airlines policy which now automatically upgrades based on frequent flyer status if there are seats available. I’ll admit I enjoy the upgrades, but I’ll be honest and […]
So I’m typing this blog on Tuesday in the minutes before my flight back to the US. Yesterday, I flew into Toronto from Chicago, Illinois. It’s my first visit to Toronto, and the city is AMAZING. I’m honestly a little bit bummed to leave so soon. I’ll definitely find a way to come back here […]
I had a wonderful conversation with the woman sitting next to me on my flight back to Phoenix last night. She and her husband were just beginning a two week vacation out to Arizona, wanting to see the gorgeous desert landscapes, the red rocks of Sedona, and the enormity that is the Grand Canyon–one of […]
Today, it struck me how no one stood up–or not immediately at least. We were free to move about the cabin. We could stand up. We could stretch our legs. We could walk. No one moved. Sadly, I’m beginning to see this more and more in organizations. Leaders have a chance to lead. They can […]
A few days ago I found myself in a familiar position—sitting aboard a Southwest flight. I had just spent a few days in Reno at the CA Association of Directors of Activities Convention with amazing educators who have dedicated their lives to empowering teens. It’s always an exciting and rewarding event. Still, I was looking […]
I’m sitting in my hotel room in Rockford, IL counting down my departure to a friend’s wedding. I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in this morning (although I technically woke up about the same time in California), but nonetheless, it is nice when the clock says it’s 10am and you are just rolling out of bed. As […]